Captain Marvel Due To Hit Earth In 2019

Captain Marvel Due To Hit Earth In 2019

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

As an avid Marvel fan who is up to date with all of the Marvel movies so far, it is with great excitement that I watched the trailer for Captain Marvel, released to mass hype on Tuesday.

Due to hit cinema screens on 8th March 2019, the film has remained somewhat a mystery to fans with very little revealed other than a teasing reference at the end of the most recent Avengers film; Avengers: Infinity War (2018). And after watching the trailer? I still feel pretty in the dark!

The trailer is yet another tease; dramatic music, flashes of car chases, explosions, aliens. There are big promises in store for the movie, with Samuel L. Jackson returning as a young Nick Fury and hints leaked to the media that Captain Marvel will play a big part in future Avengers movies. For me, the jury is still out, but the trailer has definitely done its job and gotten me intrigued (particularly the clip of Captain Marvel punching a smiling old lady on the subway!).

One titbit of information we can garner from the trailer (and you may have to do some re-watching and pausing to find it) is a hint that there may be a new villain on the scene. From the comic books and the trailer itself, we know that the Skrulls are the main force that Captain Marvel will fight against and we see both the Skrulls and the Kree towards the end of the trailer. As the pace of the cuts begins to quicken, we get a brief flash of a figure we assume to be Captain Marvel wearing a suit that we haven’t yet seen her in, clenching her fist in a red finger-less leather glove. Out of focus in the background is a figure clad in black, a figure who appears different to the Skrulls and Kree that we have seen so far. This all happens around 1:43 if you’re feeling quite as geeky as me.

A further potential titbit (at 1:37 if you’re interested) could hint at the origin story of Captain Marvel’s powers. A figure that looks like Marvel is at the centre of some kind of blue power explosion. Or perhaps this is just the way Carol Danvers wakes up in the morning, who knows.

Just in case you missed it, you can take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think by commenting on the article or on social media.

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Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

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