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Grow Playlist – Music Calls…

Grow Playlist – Music Calls…

We’ve come a long, long way together…Alright, I’ll leave out the song puns. But in all seriousness – I’ve got news to share with you all. This is my final article for Grow Magazine! It’s brought me great joy featuring 18 incredible artists over the months; being able to support a variety of communities is simply the best (sorry, I’ll stop now). Our featured Grow Playlist artists have gone on to tour across the UK, score top support slots, increase their national radio plays or even produce sell-out hometown shows *insert proud face here*. So, before I hand over to Exeter-based music journalist extraordinaire, Hannah O’Brien, let’s explore the best of the South West and get some dates in your diaries!  

Over the last 18 months, my life as a writer, barista, musician, stage manager and event producer (yep, I have my finger in many pies), has changed pretty drastically – some for better, some for worse. But the place I always find myself most at home is when playing or listening to live music. 

Louis J Walker is a great example of an honest artist that respects the curveballs life throws at you, depicting them into enthusiastic songs. Talking of enthusiasm, there’s no one quite like Pattern Pusher when it comes to energy! These boys will bring you “sunshine vibes” and raise your step count at gigs, fact. The Allergies are pretty good at this too…

For those that want some downtime, Phillip Henry with a bit of Ollie Dixon thrown in does the trick. You want a new album for your dinner listenings? Tephra have got your back, Lizzie Kirwan is also a solid choice. 

If woozy guitars or sweeping synths are more your style, then David Smale, Grace Lightman and Fusea will leave you mystified. Sadie Horler is a goosebump-worthy goddess, Velvet & Stone likewise. Best tearjerkers award goes to Ferris & Sylvester and Jacob & Drinkwater. But don’t stay sad – get your anger out with Dead Ground and Ethyrfield!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my Grow Playlist articles. Thank you to those who have listened to these artists, gone out to relish local music live and direct, or supported music in its many forms. 

Live Music Calendar (* = GP Feature) 

  • Reoccurring – Acoustic Thursdays at Artigianos, Exeter (free) 
  • 07/2/20 – Pattern Pusher Presents at Exeter Phoenix (£8)*
  • 07/2/20 – Phillip Henry at The Barrel House, Totnes (£12)*
  • 15/2/20 – Joanna Cooke at Circa 1924, Exeter (free) 
  • 20/3/20 – Cut Capers at Bierkeller, Exeter (£10) 
  • 03/4/20 – Hunter & The Bear at Exeter Cavern (£13.75)
  • 25/4/20 – Bad Sleep Festival at Exeter Phoenix and Exeter Cavern (£16.50)
  • 16/5/20 – Kris Barras Band at The Foundry, Torquay (£19.25)
  • 05/6/20 – Altitude Nights, Blackborough (prices start from £5)

If you’d like to be the Grow Playlist feature of the month, pop Hannah O’Brien an email You can keep up to date with our Spotify playlist “GROW FEATURES”.

Written by Becky Grinham

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