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Grow Playlist: Fusea EP Launch

Grow Playlist: Fusea EP Launch

By Becky Grinham

This month I wanted to shed the light on a local three-piece that are making some seriously dreamy waves in the scene locally.  With their debut self-titled EP released on the 30th  of April 2019, Fusea have spent the last year independently crafting something unique.  The EP promises layers of echo drenched guitar-driven Post-Punk and a punchy sequenced drum machine that resembles an audience’s clap in a large theatre.

Fusea is, Ross Becker; multi-instrumentalist, pedal-wizard, musician and creative that is the beating heart behind the music. Ross not only plays a drum machine and electric guitar but also writes the compelling lyrics that compliment the Dark-Wave, elegant melodies, inspired by 80’s ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ Post-Punk sensation, The Cure.

Parallel to Ross is housemate, musician and studio engineer, Benjamin Green, who generates the gutsy Bass duties, backing vocals and co-pilots the production.

Only recently have the boys added an extra team player into the mix to hatch a whole new level of impactful, dark synths, undertaken by local musician, Benjamin Conibear.

Ross talks about the development of the EP expressing that “the record focuses largely on themes of anxiety and change” and that “the band’s sound is heavily influenced by nostalgia – often imagined from a time they weren’t aware of – from photographs and music from the late 80s and early 90s”. Fusea 1 was recorded, mixed and mastered at newly built Studio 54 (situated on Exeter High Street above Santander) by Benjamin Green. The band used a handful of original 80’s synths and even a few 40+ year old amplifiers and microphones which captures the busy but impactful sound.

Listening to their latest single ‘Medicine’ released in early March you can really grasp an element of Lou Reed’s hit ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ with the sliding bassline, except – it’s actually played on Ross’ guitar which he loops on a pedal to add a bright thickness to the track, it’s very impressive work and exceptionally addictive.  

You can find music and more information at Fusea’s Bandcamp page or on their social media channels @fuseaband.

“A luringly languorous and dreamy soundscape, infectious rhythms, edgy and melodious vocals” — Nessi Holt, Radio KC.

Fusea logo written in black.

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