Believe Again by Lizzie Kirwan – Grow Playlist

Believe Again by Lizzie Kirwan – Grow Playlist

The autumn leaves fall, we rediscover our favourite knit and begin to settle into our hibernation routine of early nights and hyyge settings around the house, yet again. It could just be me, but it feels as though we’re more adventurous and outgoing in summer months, than in the winter months. We revisit the places, sounds and foods we’re already familiar with, connecting with our nostalgic feelings. For instance, listening to my collection of records always feels more valuable during this season. Maybe it’s the choice of record? I tend to go for warmer-sounding listens such as Motown or Jazz collections, Bon Iver and of course a bit of Elbow. I was thrilled to learn that vocalist and composer, Lizzie Kirwan, will soon be releasing a series of charming songs for you to explore in the forthcoming harsh winter months, best paired with a large glass of vino. 

“Believe Again” is the first single of many to come from this enchanting Exeter-based musician, ahead of her debut EP “Fools In Love” releasing early 2020. Influenced by a number of award-winning female Jazz vocalists, Melody Gardot, Gretchen Parlato and Madeleine Peyroux, it has always been a dream of Lizzie’s to write a collection of Jazz compositions and share them with the world. 

Kirwan appointed a collection of Exeter’s finest and largely active musicians to deliver “Believe Again” in its purest form; Jack Laws (Drums/Percussion), Dan Cosgrove (Bass), Connor Horton (Keys), Jack Chilcott (Saxophone) and Carl Woodison (Trumpet) all played a huge part of the single and forthcoming EP, fittingly rounded off by Engineer/Producer Ben Green of Studio 54, whom I’ve mentioned a handful of times in Grow Playlist; clearly in demand!

Listening to “Believe Again”, I found my mind sliding through a short story of memories and experiences that I’m positive anyone can relate to. Kirwan explains,

“Believe Again is the last track on my EP, the end of the journey if you like and it’s about finding trust and happiness again, which I feel we all hope for, even if it can be hard.”

Lizzie adds her priority is to

“keep writing and to get back in the studio as soon as possible”

and eventually embark on a tour around the UK Jazz circuit.

She doesn’t stop there. Lizzie has her fingers in many pies – vocal tutor/coach at the Academy of Music and Sound by day, musician by night. By musician, I mean vocalist, saxophonist, pianist and composer…I could be missing something, but we don’t want to brag. Basically, whatever instrument Kirwan is playing, you’ll be in awe and rightly so! With over 10 years of performing and teaching experience, this multi-talented woman deserves a listen. 

“Believe Again” will be available to stream online on the 8th of November.  

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You can find more information and music on Lizzie Kirwan’s social media channels @LizzieKirwanMusic.

Written by Becky Grinham
Photo supplied by Lizzie Kirwan

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