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Oyez: New Town Crier Wanted For Seaton

Oyez: New Town Crier Wanted For Seaton

Applications are open for a new town crier in Seaton. Following the retirement of the former crier in 2017, Seaton Town Council is looking for volunteers to take on this noisy and celebrated role.

Seaton Councillor Ken Beer explains,

“Seaton’s town crier is an important and traditional role and we are keen to appoint a new crier as soon as possible. Our town holds many events throughout the year and a town crier adds ceremony and history to those as well as being a great attraction for tourists. A town crier can be any age or gender – as long as they have a loud voice, a sense of fun and a love of Seaton we would like to hear from them.”

Former Seaton Town Crier, David Craner, attended events and spread the word across the town for over six years, enjoying the voluntary role until his recent retirement. He says,

“A town crier gets to meet a variety of people and be part of a community. In Seaton, holiday makers from all over the world have their photo taken with me – some of them have never seen a town crier before. It is a such an enjoyable way to represent the town.”

The Seaton Town Crier has the honour of starting the renowned annual Grizzly run setting the 2,500 runners off on the 20-mile race from Seaton seafront as well as attending up to 40 events a year including meeting residents, opening new shops and entertaining visitors at the town’s summer events. The volunteer also wears a specially made Seaton Town Crier outfit, covered in badges about the town, as part of the role.

David Craner says,

“Anyone wanting to volunteer for the role should just go for it. I am happy to help with advice or take them out for a practice to make a bit of noise. If you are a forward-thinking, friendly person who loves Seaton, this is the role for you!”

Whilst this is a voluntary role, expenses are paid.  Anyone interested in volunteering for the role of Seaton Town Crier should send their CV into the Town Clerk at Seaton Town Council on or call 01297 21388.

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