My Morning Routine With Tom Freeland

My Morning Routine With Tom Freeland

This month, we caught up with 40-year- old Tom Freeland.  He is a director from the Topsham-based sunrise photography business, ‘The Day That’.  Tom kindly supplied Grow with a photo of the sunrise which was taken on the day that Grow incorporated as a business – very special to us and so we’ve included it for you to see.

Sunrise over Topsham taken by Tom Freeland.

Tom describes himself as a “quirky excitable bundle of fun” who enjoys embracing the moments that can last a lifetime.

Tom, describe a typical morning to us:

As a director for a sunrise photography business, the morning routine revolves around first light and often involves a very early start – anything as early as 4am in June! If I’m not out on location with the team, I’m checking the photographs and memos from the team as they come through and ready to pounce on any social media activity – be it dolphins or seals spotted, interesting things washed up on the beach or the morning skinny dippers / revellers  still out from the night before – you’d be surprised what happens on the Westcountry beaches at sunrise! Aside from this I genuinely love mucking about with my children (7 & 9) before school, or helping with some reading, homework, getting them fed and going. I also walk the dog most mornings, so by the time I arrive at the studio – usually, around 9am – a fair amount has already happened.

What about your breakfast and coffee or tea preferences. What gets you going in the morning?

Tea! Usually, I put away 2-3 cups back to back, and breakfast is normally a slice of toast with Marmite and a couple of pieces of fruit. I try and drink a pint or two of water also.

If you were an item of breakfast food, what would you be and why?

A pancake – who doesn’t smile when they eat them?

Tell us about any technology that you use in the morning.

Technology is important for our team on the daily shoot. We obviously need a decent DSLR Camera, tripod and associated kit to support the shoot. It’s very important that once the shoot is over that the images start syncing up to the cloud so we in the office can start promoting and utilising our unique product. Phones with auto sync are very important, along with checking news via the app, and social media feeds. I do like to listen to the radio also while driving / working.

What would you say is your typical ‘Morning song’. A song, or a line from a song that sums up your morning mood?

Start me up by the Rolling Stones. It’s my alarm ringtone and I need it to get out of bed.

 Tell us about your travel time to the office.

I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to the studio and coupling this with walking the dog (she comes to work) makes the most sense. There’s something special about bumbling along the estuary, gathering your thoughts for the day ahead. I do drive occasionally if I have to take lots of kit for the dawn shoot or move framed pictures around.

Who would your favourite ‘Carpool Karaoke’ artist be?

I’d have to choose Kylie Minogue. Her career has been one of timeless wonder, and I’ve kinda grown up with Kylie since her very first Neighbours episode 😉

What are the first tasks that you need to attend to when you get to work?

I  like to clear emails early so the day ahead can be proactive rather than reactive. I do like a list, so will compile one of these most days, and then usually “swallow the frog” and get the tricky job(s) out the way early if I can.

If you had an endless supply of money, what would your ideal job/hobby be and why?

I’d love to be Richard Branson’s private kitesurfing instructor on Necker Island. Necker sounds like a nice place to work surrounded by interesting guests, Branson’s a very inspirational man and I love kitesurfing!

What’s your favourite book, TV programme or movie?

I’m really enjoying watching Dynasties at the moment. It’s just so visually stunning with the backdrop of listening to the legend, Sir David Attenborough. The kids love it too so it’s something we can all enjoy together.

What would your Superhero Name be and what would your Superpower be?

SuperFun – The power to bring positivity to the world in any shape or form I choose. Quite some power, but also hugely topical in these uncertain times. For now, at least, we know that sure enough, each dawn, the sun rises and it’s going to be a special day for someone.

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