My Morning Routine With Sarka Andersonova Cert EYP(Open)

My Morning Routine With Sarka Andersonova Cert EYP(Open)

This month, we caught up with 43-year-old Sarka Andersonova, managing director of two nurseries (Carousel Nurseries International Ltd) based in Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton.  She is a safeguarding officer for children and children’s rights and a family advocate.

Sarka, describe a typical morning to us:

I usually wake up at around 6.30 am and make a note of the first thought that enters my head, then do a few stretches while thinking about the day. I make a mental priority list – there are just not enough hours in the day! After my shower, I check my phone for messages, put music on – I currently can’t get enough of Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine. I do my hair and makeup, then get breakfast ready for my family, while moving in time to the music.

What about your breakfast and coffee or tea preferences? What gets you going in the morning?

I like juicing!  So, early in the morning, I start with water and freshly squeezed lemon followed by my choice of juice.  Sometimes, I have freshly squeezed oranges, other times I choose celery, carrot and apple juice or different fruit smoothies.   When I want a break from juicing, I will have an avocado or scrambled egg on toast. I usually have a coffee when I get to work.

If you were an item of breakfast food, what would you be and why?

I would be an orange juice because it is a rich source of vitamin C and it detoxifies the body of impurities.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the liver, supports circulation and reduces blood pressure. Most of all, it tastes delicious and it makes me feel awake within seconds.

What would you say is your typical ‘Morning Song’?  A song, or line from a song that sums up your morning mood?

My ‘morning song’ changes depending on what my energy vibe is at the time.   ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ is my current vibe but previously it was ‘I’m Alive’ by Celine Dion or ‘Fall On Me’ or ‘Vivo per lei’ by Andrea Bocelli.

Tell us about your travel time to the office:

I travel to work by car.  The Nursery in Exmouth is only minutes from my home, but I never know if I will need to go to our Budleigh Salterton branch or go out to collect something.   I do like my car radio quite loud and I move to the beat of the music in the car, too. I just can’t help it!

Who would your favourite ‘Carpool Karaoke’ artist be and what would you sing together?

Shania Twain – Man! I feel like a woman.  I have the CD in my car and play it on full blast over and over – I just love the vibe of it, right now.

What are the first tasks that you need to attend to when you get to work?

I greet everyone, children, staff and parents then set up my laptop to check emails.

If you had an endless supply of money, what would your ideal job/hobby be and why?

That is a very tricky question as I feel that I have an ideal job already.  I would probably give more support to any family struggling with parenting and to children who need extra help to achieve.

As to what I would do for me? I would be more creative.  I would do painting or mosaic or glass art, which I tried last year and really enjoyed. As a teen, I used to make my own clothes and my dream was to create my own brand, so yeah plenty of ideas, as always!

What would your Superhero Name be and what would your Superpower be?

I would be Wonder Woman with superhuman strength and durability (both assets during big battles) and the power of flight, superhuman speed, reflexes, agility and enhanced senses including smell, vision and hearing.

To find out more about Sarka Andersonova and her business, visit the Carousel Nurseries website.

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