Celebrating East Devon

Celebrating East Devon

Written by Joff Alexander-Frye

East Devon is a sleeping giant. A hidden gem. Just like that band that you stumbled across growing up and became your favourite band. Ever.

As I travelled around the East Devon area throughout October, I was struck afresh by its breathtaking natural landscape and wild beauty. If nature were a song, it was singing to me. With strong melodic notes of green fields complemented by the harmonic trees turning all manner of colours and an orchestral backdrop of rolling hills, rugged cliffs and muddy puddles I was, once again, romanced by the local geography.

This may all sound over the top to you, but when you have grown up in London and Birmingham, there is a stunning beauty about Devonian nature that doesn’t seem to get old. Sometimes, we so quickly take for granted the pure splendour that lays outside our front doors in Devon.


East Devon


Aside from the magnificent natural surroundings, I was also reminded how many bustling and industrious micro-economies there are in East Devon. From the quaint, attractive high streets of Honiton and Sidmouth to the business parks and trading estates of Exmouth and Honiton, East Devon really is set up for growth, particularly as it is positioned so close to Exeter.

In my opinion, East Devon’s strong sense of self-identity, coupled with the unique growth story of Exeter, just a matter of miles away, is a combination worth being excited and optimistic about. To maintain that identity whilst partnering and collaborating with Exeter seems to me a key part of the future potential of East Devon as a region.

So, if you’re reading this as an East Devonian, why not venture down the road and catch up with what is happening in Exeter? And if you’re reading this as an Exeterite (what is someone from Exeter called?), then why not reach out into East Devon and make some new connections?

Who knows, if we work together, we might end up in some really interesting and exciting places.

As the ever-humble Mother Teresa once said,

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things and together we can do something wonderful.” 

Until next month,

Joff Alexander-Frye

Group Editor-in-Chief, Grow

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