Simplest Soda Bread Recipe in the World With Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and his son Buddy making soda bread using an easy recipe! Uses a recycled beans tin (something most of us have these days) for measuring the ingredients. Also, no need for yeast, which is difficult to come by, or even buttermilk. 

It is fun for kids too as Buddy demonstrates whilst making his own batch of Soda Bread dough. Heart-warming and real, Jamie has come up with lots of manageable recipes for us during lockdown with ingredients that we are likely to have!

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  1. Mary Wall

    Jaimie, 10-15 mins. will not cook this bread. Tried it today and had to return it to the over as it was uncooked at 15 mins. Cooked it for another 20 mins nearly. Did you really cook the soda bread in 15 mins. It’s a great recipe and I only have a problem with the cook time. What do you think.

    • Lesley Goulbourn

      Can you please tell me which milk to use ? whole,semi-skimmed or skimmed for the simple soda break…Thanks

  2. Virginia Holland

    I tried your quick soda bread recipe with the tin. It was awful!! I used BOB milk as the liquid otherwise the same and cooked it for 20 mins at 200 degrees. It was salty and not really cooked!!
    Could be my oven but I will try another recipe of soda bread.

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