Family Activity Book ‘Easy Tiger!’ Helps Children Build Healthy Minds

Family Activity Book ‘Easy Tiger!’ Helps Children Build Healthy Minds

Helen Wilson, a teacher with 31 years’ experience and founder of OPEN MINDS UK, an early intervention service that supports the emotional wellbeing and development of young people, has written a family activity book, Easy Tiger!, available now, priced £6.99. 

Helen’s unique approach, which she has applied with zest to Easy Tiger! uses her experience of children learning best in a fun, creative and hands-on way and draws from mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience. Easy Tiger! differs from other mindfulness books for children as it explains, in a child friendly way, the brain science of the developing mind and gives activities which can be repeated to build a healthy mind. Author Helen Wilson says:

“One of the biggest gifts we can give our children, and one of the most powerful shapers of children’s brains, is our full and undivided attention. Working through Easy Tiger! together will help to build healthy, strong young minds”

easy tiger excerpt page

Easy Tiger! includes guidance for how best to use the book and then a series of activities, which span everything from finding an internal calm place and belly breathing exercises through to searching for good thoughts within the brain and understanding emotions. The positive, child-centred language used in the book and the accessibility of the exercises themselves, makes EASY TIGER! a book that children will enjoy coming back to – the pages are even photocopier friendly, for longevity. 

In addition to publishing Easy Tiger!, Helen has developed JUST BE, a resource pack for families and schools. The JUST BE backpack contains the Just Be booklet, two different Just Squiggle booklets and six sensory resources to use in conjunction. The booklets and resources, which include a bubble timer, stretchy string and posidice, are perfect for children to carry with them and use when they need to regulate themselves. Helen added:

“As a teacher I have always had a passion for children’s emotional wellbeing, knowing that if they are feeling good in themselves, life and learning will flow more easily. I felt that there were many children in schools who needed extra support to be able find their own sense of calm and become resilient. I wrote Easy Tiger! and developed the JUST BE backpack, for families and schools using tools I have gathered over my career, to equip children with an emotional toolkit for life”

Easy Tiger costs £6.99 plus £1.50 postage and packaging and the JUST BE resource pack is currently on sale at an introductory rate of £12.99 plus £3.00 postage and packaging, both available from the OPEN MINDS UK website –

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