My Morning Routine With Nicholas Hake

My Morning Routine With Nicholas Hake

This month, we caught up with Nicholas Hake, Exeter based Luxury Limousine Driver for Apple Taxis.  We asked Nick to describe himself in one sentence: ‘6ft 2in, trim build with a slight tummy, blue eyes and thick dark hair.’

Tell us about any preparations you make the night before:

At about 5.30pm I start to get ready for my nocturnal slumber.

First dinner. Being a light eater I may just have a couple of roasted chickens, 5lbs of roasted King Edward potatoes and a vine tomato, as a man has to watch his figure! I’ll then pop my dish into the washer and take a healthy walk from the kitchen to the lounge for a little telly. After all, a man approaching his mid 30s has to have a regular exercise routine.

Then I usually shower, slip into my silk kimono (sash not buttons) and check that everything is switched off and unplugged, apart from my Goblin teasmaid which is always at my side.

What time do you normally wake up and what’s the first thing you do?

I’m wide awake by 7.00am for my daily ablutions. I find the St Ives Natural Cleanser with deep pore remover to be best for my soft skin. This is applied after a soothing power shower before I use a natural firm finger sponge, specially imported from the Gulf of Mexico. This removes dead skin cells and leaves me glowing ready for my adorable clientele.

Tell us about your breakfast, coffee, tea preferences, what gets you going in the morning?

You’re trying to be tricky here, aren’t you? I prefer something simple and light to eat in the mornings. A fresh cup of Lapsang tea, with leaves having been freshly picked and trodden on.  This is quickly followed by a couple of lightly poached ostrich eggs, five or six rashers of organic bacon, mushrooms, six slices of toast and a lightly grilled baby tomato – one of my five-a-day.

All this whilst watching the charming and attractive Eamonn Holmes which gets me going as he dishes out his daily news.

If you were an item of breakfast food, what would you be and why?

I’d be a large packet of Special K! (Ken was my wonderful father and he knew what was what). Special K is not only good for the figure, but I also start the day with this before my healthy fry-up. Obviously, I’ll pop into the local cafe for a couple of bacon sandwiches and a mug of piping hot goats milk to keep me going on the way to the office.

Tell us about any technology that you use:

I’ve always been a great techie . I loved my HMV Wind Up 78 gramophone with an extra large horn! Then, after my dear sister brought me a Binatone Cassette Player back from Hong Kong, I’ve never looked back! I adore my telly in the evenings, and never go anywhere without my iPod.  There’s nothing quite like Shirley Bassey with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra blasting out ‘Hey Big Spender’.

What would you say is your typical ‘Morning song’? A song, or a line from a song that sums up your morning mood?

Well, this is an easy one. After my light breakfast, I’m often heard singing one of my favourite Eurovision Songs. ‘ Boom Bang A Bang’ by the lovely Lulu. It still brings a tear to my eye some 50 years later.

Tell us who your favourite ‘CarPool Karaoke’ artist would be and what you would sing together?

There’s nothing I like better than going to work with all my fellow taxi drivers and singing along to ‘I have confidence’ from The Sound of Music.

What are the first tasks that you need to attend to when you get to work?

First things first –  to check my boss is neat and tidy and we both have a healthy hot chocolate. Then we both catch up on the important news, such as where is Sarah Ferguson shopping lately, or when does the John Lewis sale start?

If you had an endless supply of money, what would your ideal job/hobby be and why?

Another easy one! My wonderful boss and company (Apple Taxis) pay me so much, there’s nothing I can think of. Last year they gave me 53 weeks holiday.

What’s your favourite book, TV programme or movie?  

Ooooh so many to choose from. Obviously, the Blue Peter Annual is top of the list! Television would be Coronation Street, and I’d just like to say that if Apple Taxis was run like ‘Street Cars’ in Coronation Street, we’d have to look sharp!  That Steve McDonald seems to be sitting in an old chair sipping tea, more than working. Personally, I think it’s an outrage.

What would your Superhero Name or Superpower be?

Being so well known and wonderful, after my starring role in Oliver earlier this year (at the Northcott Theatre – I was Mr Bumble), there are a plethora of choices. My superpower would be that I can sense a good buy from Junction 29 on the M5, from any superior High Street store of my choice.

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