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Miss Devon To Be The Face Of StopTopps Anti-Drink-Spiking Campaign

Miss Devon To Be The Face Of StopTopps Anti-Drink-Spiking Campaign

Clara George, who’s been crowned Miss Devon for the second year running, is to be the face of Exeter-based StopTopps, an anti-drink spiking nonprofit initiative. She will spearhead their campaign to raise awareness of drink spiking amongst vulnerable drinkers in the county, and help them protect themselves with innovative anti-spiking drinks’ lids. 

Clara, who has been a victim of drink spiking herself, is an Exeter University graduate, PR professional and social media influencer who runs her own marketing business. Her skills and network will transform StopTopps’ reach and impact, helping educate people about the dangers of drink spiking.

StopTopps, led by Dawn Dines, a Devon-based campaigner and social entrepreneur, makes and distributes protective drinks lids that help prevent drink spiking. 

As part of the collaboration, Clara and Dawn will be running a series of educational workshops across Devon, where they’ll be talking to young people about the dangers of drink spiking and giving them practical advice to help them protect themselves.

The StopTopps team submitted a freedom of information request for the figures for the number of reported cases of drink spiking in the county. It revealed that the highest number of reported incidents was in Plymouth, with 185 between 2015 and 2018. Exeter had 102 reported incidents for the same period, and Torquay had 60.² 

Licensing Sgt Dave Moore of Devon and Cornwall Police said the figures for drink spiking incidents across Devon and Cornwall reflected “what appears to be a trend nationally where these types of incidents are on the increase”.

The data from 22 out of 43 police forces and the British Transport Police revealed that approximately 10% of victims [of drink spiking] were under 18. Incidents of drink spiking in under 18s have doubled from 32 in 2015 to 71 in 2018 – and between January and September 2019, 68 cases had already been recorded, suggesting the total figure for 2019 is set to hit a five-year high.¹

Clara comments: 

“I am so excited to be working with the StopTopps team to help raise awareness of the issue of drink spiking. I have been a victim of drink spiking myself and feel very passionately about their cause. 
I think StopTopps is a fantastic idea and I am delighted to be able to help spread the word and get the lids out to people across the region. I will particularly be working with young, vulnerable people, helping educate them about keeping themselves safe when drinking.” 

Dawn Dines comments: 

“We are so proud and excited that Clara is spearheading our mission. She’ll help us raise the profile of drink spiking in her capacity as Miss Devon, and her invaluable experience – combined with her social media skills – will really help us shine a light on this global problem.” 

If you’re interested in supporting StopTopps – whether as a business or individual – head over to their website and check out the Get Involved page: 


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