All Christmas Shopping Roads Lead To Topsham

All Christmas Shopping Roads Lead To Topsham

Looking for that oh-so-special gift? Something not online or in those clone city centre stores? For everyone in Devon – or even beyond – that means only one thing: coming along to Topsham’s Christmas Shopping Evening from 6pm until 9pm on Tuesday December 3. It’s sure to be one of the biggest nights of the Westcountry festive season.

This is a unique event that really does make Christmas shopping a joy.

Firstly, there are the shops and boutiques. These are truly, properly independent retailers selling everything from handmade clothes and one-off cakes to sparkling jewellery and locally-crafted gin. There will be fresh locally-sourced food, zero-waste eco-friendly products, and a late-night Christmas market in the town’s Matthews Hall.

The quaint town of Topsham only four miles from Exeter has over 40 stores that will be open that evening and even those just wanting to window-shop will have something to remember – the local traders have entered into a Christmas Window Competition so expect to see hugely creative displays to make even the biggest Scrooge smile.

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Secondly there will be shopping offers – great ones, too. 

There’s already a Love Topsham card, set up by community volunteers and giving cardholders special reductions and deals in most of the Topsham shops. There will be one-off on-the-night offers on December 3, as well. 

Thirdly, there will be live music and refreshments to help entertain visitors. 

Spot a variety of different musicians playing live music on street corners and under arches to add a little extra Christmas stardust. 

Sing along, tap your toes or just sway gently to Exeter’s own acapella group Tess & The D’Urbevilles; local swing singer Cameron Lemmer; unplugged classic duo Double Trouble; and the modern-day Andrews Sisters trio In Harmony.

Topsham is already filled to the Christmas rafters with pubs, cafes and restaurants and these will be open for weary shoppers: whether it’s a pint, a pizza, a sharing plate or a tasting menu, there’s something for everyone. 

Look out for some on-street treats too, from mince pies to mulled wine.

Finally, there’s the setting – what is more picturesque at Christmas than an estuary town, beaming with magical lights and decorations, and with a style and character widely recognised as amongst the most beautiful in Devon?

This will be the second annual Topsham Christmas Shopping Evening organised by Love Topsham, a group of volunteers – residents and traders – who give their time and work to make their local area even more special.

Paul Berman, a local resident and one of the founders of Love Topsham explains:

“Whatever your age and whatever your taste, December 3 will have something for you in Topsham. We hear about how many high streets aren’t thriving– well, visit this town and you’ll see a different story, especially at Christmas”

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