Fowler Financial Planning: Doing Our Bit For The Community

Fowler Financial Planning: Doing Our Bit For The Community

Based in Exeter, Fowler Financial Planning provides financial advice to individuals and SMEs in the local area, across the South West and in London. With an ever-changing environment and changing client circumstances, we feel it is essential to develop bespoke financial plans for clients to help them achieve their goals, and, more importantly, to review these plans regularly to ensure they remain current and accurate. Fowler Financial Planning is a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc.

We love being based in Exeter and we think it is really important to be an active part of, and to give back to, our local community.

We, together with all of our staff, live in or around Exeter and East Devon. Members of our team are involved in a number of initiatives through Fowler Financial Planning to ensure that we engage positively with the community around us.

Why it’s important to us

Rachel became involved with corporate and social responsibility measures (CSR) as a trainee solicitor in London, where she helped to provide free legal advice via her law firm to a newly formed charity, applicants for emergency social housing and victims of sex trafficking. In Jersey, she built upon this by assisting with the establishment of a charities committee at her law firm.

Matt’s interest was sparked by Rachel’s experience; CSR has formed a key part of our business plan since Day 1, and continues to be a priority for us. We recognise that we are in a privileged position, and we want to use that in a constructive way. That could be in the form of financial sponsorship, but also in helping to build relationships and disseminate important information to help everybody learn the basic tools that will allow them to take control of their finances and avoid common pitfalls.

…and why it’s important to our clients

Growing consumer awareness of environmental issues, together with the fact that trustees of occupational pension schemes are now required to incorporate their policy on socially responsible investment in their statement of investment principles, has led to increasing interest in ethical investment. This is beginning to reshape the investment universe, creating new market-based pressures on corporate behaviour.

Many fund managers have signed up to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative – the scheme’s six key ethical principles include a range of environmental, social and governmental concerns. In 2006, the assets under management of all signatories to the PRI was $4 trillion – by June 2018 1,500 investment institutions, including St. James’s Place, had become signatories, with approximately US$ 62 trillion assets under management.1

And the buck does not stop with the underlying investments. It is increasingly important to our clients that they work with businesses who reflect the same values that they do. Our commitment to CSR in Exeter and the local area allows clients to see that we run our business in a way that is ethically responsible and socially aware, which can give them confidence that we share their values and interests in making a positive impact in the community and further afield.  

So what do we actually do?

Grow Green

By placing professional development and excellent client service at the heart of our business culture, we run a sustainable business with an ethical footprint and strong stakeholder relationships. We are pleased to support the local Grow Green initiative, led by the Grow Exeter team, in order to build on and develop in practical ways the sustainable approach that we have adopted to date, and to promote environmentally sustainable working methods to our staff, to our clients and within our local community.

Financial education

We believe that it is vital for everybody to understand the basics of managing personal finances, and providing a financial education to students has been a key part of our mission statement from the beginning. We collaborate with St. James’s Place to provide free, high quality workshops to local schools and colleges for students aged 10-11, and 14-18. If you know of a school that may benefit from this programme, please let us know.

St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

We support and regularly contribute to the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation. We also serve on the local committee assisting with fundraising activities in the area and the allocation of grants to local charities. The Charitable Foundation has a particular focus on charities that support children and mental health awareness. All money raised for the Charitable Foundation is matched by St. James’s Place. In 2017, the twenty fifth anniversary of the establishment of St. James’s Place, the Charitable Foundation received donations of over £17m.

You can find out more about the Charitable Foundation, including its mission statement and some of the charities supported on its website ( If you know of a local charity that may benefit from support from the Charitable Foundation, please let us know.

Next steps

If you are interested in discussing any aspects of your finances, please contact us or visit our website to arrange a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, email or call us on 01392 790623/ 07931443415.

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