Living Better in Exeter?

Living Better in Exeter?

It’s been great to see the recent launch of the ‘Exeter Live Better’ initiative, being championed by the City Council as a way to recognise & promote many of the benefits & advantages of living, working & relaxing in and around Exeter.

Once you’re immersed in the city it’s easy to forget some of the many benefits of having relatively easy access to the bustling & buoyant City Centre whilst also being within easy reach of the coast, surrounding countryside & moorland areas.

In recent years the economic development of the city & surrounding areas has been transformational. Whilst Exeter has long been a economic hub for the local area, recent investments and developments have helped move Exeter to another level and to the point where it is having a regional influence.

From a business person’s perspective the continued forward thinking lead of the City Council is a hugely positive factor and builds confidence in forward planning for our own investment and commitment to grow.

There are many organisations and business cited in Exeter as being leaders n their own field & fundamental to the onward development of the city. These include the University of Exeter, Exeter College, the Science Park, Flybe, Exeter Airport & Exeter City F.C. From our own perspective, as a provider of signs to all of those organisations, we’re delighted to recognise their achievement and impact and to be part of the local supply chain.

Living Better in Exeter? We think so!

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