Big Emotions – Mindful Music For Little People

Big Emotions – Mindful Music For Little People

Big Emotions: Mindful Music For Little People is a beautiful new book written by Exeter based Musician & Educator, Laura Loft and Illustrated by Nia Gould.

It has been thoughtfully created to help provide a wellbeing toolkit for young children to recognise their BIG EMOTIONS with ideas to help regulate them.

Enjoy his book with your child whilst listening to the FREE audio book with originally composed soundtrack + the interactive song ‘I Am Calm’.

Laura created this book when she was in the midst of chronic illness and trying to look after her young son.

“Following a car accident when pregnant and other variables I had developed CFS/M.E/ Fibromyalgia and during this time I could only manage a few hours activity a day. So we spent a lot of time creating stories, adventures and games from the comfort of a bed or a chair. My son struggled with the usual array of toddler ‘big emotions’ especially anger plus the added frustrations of adapting to a mummy that couldn’t do much so we came up with songs and stories to help deal with this.”

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Laura previously had a busy career as a singer/songwriter & music workshop leader for teenagers

“I struggled to adapt to my ‘new’’ life having to give up so many things that made me feel like me! I received some funding from Help Musicians Charity who recognised my challenges and helped me to transition from a career as a singer-songwriter and performer which used a vast amount of energy to my new role when I could work again as part-time EYFS KS1 educator and music creator. The book became my recovery project and saved me. When you have M.E one challenge is when your body is tired but your mind is wired. I’d be lying in bed unable to move and experience so much pain, muscle twitches and fatigue but my brain was longing to be living in the outside world. To distract myself I would work on this book and write lyrics.”

The book which started as therapeutic project is now going from strength to strength having received recent funding from Persimmon Homes Community Champions to launch a pilot event at Trinity Primary School Exeter for World Book Day. Laura planned and led music workshops, art activities and a live interactive performance.

“This event went so well and we couldn’t believe the turn out to the live interactive show for all! I love that the children explored how to look after their mental health in a creative way and left with a toolkit full of resources and their own book!”

big emotions mindful music for little people inside book

Stacey Harris, head of sales at Persimmon Homes South West, said: 

“This project has the potential to have a huge impact on the children’s wellbeing and we’re thrilled to hand over £1,000 funding to the school project.”

During this challenging time of COVID-19, Laura is offering her Schools Activity Pack for FREE! This includes: an online video of the book with instrumental soundtrack; flash cards of 8 emotions with activities; mindful colouring; big emotions song book with workshop ideas + online videos of the songs!

Visit to purchase your copy and receive you free downloads! Or purchase at Maker Mart in Exeter.

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