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Arttachment App Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Arttachment App Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

By Sofy Robertson

Images from Arttachment and Unsplash

Arttachment app has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds necessary for completing and launching the app.

Arttachment is an app for parents of young children aged 0-5 and is designed to help parents connect with their children through creative activities.

Created by a small team of psychologists and parents who have strong connections with Exeter, the app has been under development since 2018.

With content informed by research in child psychology, Arttachment helps parents to understand their children’s development and use creative activities as opportunities for supporting children’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

In order to raise funds to complete the app, Arttachment has launched a crowdfunding campaign which offers a unique opportunity for parents to get the app before its market launch through contributing to the fundraising campaign.

Speaking on behalf of the Arttachment team, psychologist and dad Dan Marshall explained:

“Over the last six months, our project has gathered a lot of support from people in the UK and all over the world, including parenting experts and academics.

“One feature of the project is a collection of free videos that communicate child development science insights in a way that is practical and accessible for parents.”

Little girl smiling covered in paint with  yellow bow in her hair.

What does the Arttachment App do?

The app is formed of two main parts; child psychology videos and parent-child activities.

The child psychology videos bring the latest insights in child development science. The twelve videos will be linked into the app and will provide information about brain development in children and how parents can support this.

One of the twelve videos that will be available on the Arttachment App: How children learn from what we do as parents – the role of mirror neurons

The Arttachment team have also crafted a collection of activities for children and parents to do together, including painting, making, storytelling and music.

The activities fall into three main categories: baby (0-1), toddler (1-3), and pre-schooler (3-5). The app will initially be equipped with over thirty activities with further activity packs available after the launch.

Each activity has been designed to be easy and accessible by using basic craft supplies along with common materials found around the house or in nature. Step-by-step instructions will accompany every activity and for every step, Arttachment will provide suggestions on how to encourage child development and bonding.

Making a teepee on the Arttachment app.

Why get the app?

Arttachment was founded by three friends who also happen to be psychologists and, most importantly, parents. They acknowledge that “parenting is beautiful. And difficult” and thus the Arttachment app is designed to enable parents to better meet their child’s needs for connectedness and stimulation.

The Arttachment app aims to support parents’ relationship with their children and make it as easy as possible to carve out time in parents’ busy lives so they can do something special together with their young children.

The app is also designed to help parents gain knowledge and confidence by making child psychology accessible and provide projects which allow opportunities for their child’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

Mum with baby and toddler using a tablet.

When will the Arttachment app be available?

Parents are able to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign for the Arttachment app here. Through the crowdfunder, parents have the opportunity to sign up for the testing programme so that they can receive a test version before the app becomes publicly available. If funded, the app will be available in September 2019.

To read Arttachment’s article about parenting in the digital age, click here.

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