An Afternoon at the Wear Park Spa – Exeter Golf and Country Club

An Afternoon at the Wear Park Spa – Exeter Golf and Country Club

A review by Stella Nicholls & Rinny Frye

Photos provided by Wear Park Spa – taken by Matt Austin



‘This is like stepping into another world’, was the first thought to cross my mind when we arrived at the Exeter Golf and Country Club.  A world where the sun had been ordered and had arrived bang on time. The clear sky served as the perfect backdrop, highlighting manicured greens, gardens and lush vegetation and as we stepped from the car, the Georgian Manor house rose majestically to greet us.

Excited to experience an afternoon of relaxation at the Wear Park Spa, housed on the second floor of the Manor House, Rinny and I were warmly greeted by staff and soon seated enjoying coffee and cookies as we completed the necessary forms before we entered the spa.

The main lounge and dining area, tastefully decorated in keeping with its historical background, overlooks the putting green and as we watched people strolling by with their golf paraphernalia, I could imagine how satisfying it must be to walk the 18 holes and play a round of golf on such a glorious day.

But golf was not the reason for our visit, which is fortunate for those playing that day, as we are novices and, in reality, we would have hacked our way off the fairways into the rough.




Forms completed, we were shown up to a relaxation room to await our treatment therapists, where we were invited to stretch out on comfortable grey couches. Perhaps this time is meant as a moment of reflection and relaxation (or allows a sneaky peak at some pressing work emails).  Rinny and I, not quite in ‘unwind’ mode yet, ended up chatting to another lovely lady awaiting her treatment, and who’s to say that connecting with other people is not therapeutic?

We had been offered either a facial or a massage on being invited to the luxury spa.  For me, it was a no-brainer. An aromatherapy full body massage to loosen the tight muscles of my back is just what the doctor ordered.  Each greeted by our own Senior Spa Therapists, we were taken to individual treatment rooms, our choice – couples may opt for a double treatment room if required, where the rejuvenation was about to begin.  The room was subtly lit, the music suitably non-descript enough to create a peaceful ambience.

 Tanya, my therapist, provided me with a choice of the finest ESPA oils to ensure that my treatment was specific to me. She asked how I would like to feel after the massage, and I elected for ‘relaxed’. To enhance the sensory experience, she had me close my eyes to experience the oil that would be preferable to me.



I chose a spicy scent, that reminded me of a warm relaxing day by the pool and was surprised to learn that the scent I had chosen was one that energised, bringing fitness and who was I to argue? Our bodies know what they need.

The next hour went by so quickly.  With just the right amount of pressure, Tanya eased out the stresses of the week from my tired back.  Arms and legs were treated too, along with hands, feet, shoulders and neck, an altogether relaxing experience.  I left the room feeling completely pampered.

On to lunch then, the hour-long massage had left us feeling ravenous – clearly lying down and being pampered is hard work!




Lunch – a three-course Spa Retreat Menu was provided, and we had a variety of different dishes to choose from.  The Pea and Mint soup, my choice of starter, was light and delicious and just enough to take the edge off my hunger.  We were each given a glass of prosecco and seated next to the window facing the beautiful gardens, accentuating the feeling of well-being that still resonated from the massages.

Main course – as I think back to it, my mouth waters – char-grilled chicken Caesar salad, parmesan, with croutons, gem lettuce and a Caesar dressing – one of the best Caesar salads that I’ve tasted.

Dessert – we were offered a gluten-free dessert of a chocolate brownie for my colleague Rinny, which she said was really good.  We were both impressed with the variety of gluten-free products that were available for her to choose from, whilst I chose one of my all-time favourites – Apple Crumble with custard.

It was tasty and a very generous portion size too, and had me thinking that I might just need a session at the gym.  (or perhaps the staff wouldn’t mind us having a quick dip at one of the heated pools housed at the Exeter Golf and Country Club.)

We both had a lovely time, felt rejuvenated, relaxed and at peace; highly recommended. Sadly, the time to depart arrived, and to the real world, we had to return. Suffice it to say that the staff and facilities available at the Wear Park Spa, certainly made it a memorable afternoon.




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