Timewade: Recipe for Success

Timewade: Recipe for Success

‘Let’s Face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.’

-Audrey Hepburn


But what is it about a chocolate cake that makes it great? A mere bag filled with top quality ingredients is definitely more than it takes to bake a perfect chocolate cake. If only it were as simple as throwing the right ingredients together.

We know that it takes a lot more, from a good recipe, correct temperatures to following the recipe methodically. These steps all play a part in creating a light and fluffy result. The right processes coupled with the appropriate tools are essential.

You may be wondering why an IT Service provider is talking chocolate cake when it comes to our unique service approach. Our Managing Director, Julian Wills, explains that anyone can buy ingredients, but it takes a certain amount of expertise to bake a beautiful cake.

Timewade, founded in 1985 by Peter Wills, Julian’s father, have become excellent ‘chocolate cake bakers’ over the last 30 years when it comes to delivering unrivalled customer service in the IT Industry. Through constantly evolving processes and gaining understanding of our customers, we have created, what we believe is a recipe for success.

When we first started out in business, we mainly focused on cash register systems for businesses throughout the South West but, as technology developed through the decades, we have developed with it. For example, introducing computer systems to replace the old paper files, we soon realised that the systems we had created were so useful that they could be marketed to businesses across the region.


Julian Wills, Timewade Managing Director


With constant progress and by keeping up to date with the industry, we have created a workforce to be reckoned with. A team that is constantly aligning itself with its customers to be pro-active, rather than reactive to potential IT issues.

We seamlessly integrate ourselves into the environment of a client, learning their business, their goals, their IT requirements, understanding what success looks like for their business. By following our processes, delivering our technology best practices, we are able to align technology to deliver better results and really impact the business by improving productivity, reliability and peace of mind.

Focusing mainly on the South West when it comes to IT requirements, strategy, infrastructure and support, means that we keep a finger on the pulse of business needs in the area. Since taking over three years ago, Julian has driven our team towards living our mission statement, which has meant creating unrivalled customer service and we have come a long way in achieving these values. We are constantly evolving with our customer base and have developed an in-depth understanding of our customers, which helps us to stand out from the ‘IT crowd’.



Julian, a keen cyclist who completed a gruelling Exeter to Montpellier cycle trip last year, even goes so far to say that we aim for such outstanding customer service, we stop customers from calling in. That’s not to say that we won’t take the call from clients, but because our IT Support Services are so on point that most of the time our customers don’t need to call in. Our aim is to have already seen the potential problem and pre-empted it, without our customers even knowing that there was an issue in the first place.

Julian grew up in the business and spent many a school holiday helping his dad whilst learning the ropes. His passion for the business has steadily grown over the years, with his focus around delivering solutions and end results effectively. He strives to keep abreast of technology and really ‘getting under the skin’ of his client’s IT needs, from Cloud to Cyber Security and everything else in between.

Julian’s says that as a team, we don’t know everything about everything, rather than being spread thinly and having to provide average service in all areas, we have individuals who specialise in specific areas, which means that the right person is deployed for the task and that customers always receive the appropriate support.

New Partnership

We’ve talked about keeping abreast of changing technology but that’s not the only way that we like to keep up to date with the Greater Exeter area. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce our new working partnership with Grow Exeter. We have taken the fantastic opportunity of becoming the main sponsor for the Grow Exeter magazine.

We are excited to be raising our profile with the team at Grow Exeter at our side and as we become more active in the magazine and in the region, we encourage you to connect with us, drop us a line, or even pop in for a visit.


For more information www.timewade.com




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