Wine connoisseurs are in for a treat this Autumn as award-winning Lyme Bay Winery is opening its doors over the next few weeks to the general public and offering guided viewings of the harvest process in Devon. Watch the most skilled and passionate wine makers showcase the best English wine produced in the region. Subject to the timing of the procedures themselves, an experienced member of the winery team will be on hand throughout the day to walk visitors through the grapes being received, crushed, de-stemmed and pressed. 

The viewings will culminate with an opportunity to taste the range of outstanding English wines in the winery shop under the careful instruction of the friendly and knowledgable shop staff who will be on hand to guide visitors through the tasting process and answer any questions.

Lyme Bay’s Devon vineyards profited from a lucky escape at the beginning of the year, evading the snap frost that devastated many English vineyards. This was primarily thanks to the vineyards’ proximity to the Lyme Bay coast which brings in warm south-westerly winds, protecting the vulnerable young shoots from sub-zero temperatures.  Altitude was also an important factor.

The Devon vineyards lie on the edge of valleys (as opposed to Lyme Bay winery itself, which lies right in the bottom of the beautiful Axe Valley) and, as a result, cold air falls to the bottom of the valley with the resulting air movement protecting the vineyards from frost. Very often, the South West can be seen as a more challenging terroir for making wine but certainly on this occasion, Lyme Bay Winery owes a considerable debt of gratitude to its regional climate and the situation of its Devon vineyards.

Vineyard Manager Rob Corbett comments about the harvest this year:

“The early dry weather this summer provided optimum conditions for flowering in the vineyard. Recent August rain has been very welcome, allowing the fertilised berries to swell and form plump juicy grapes, this process is called ‘bunch hang’. Canopy management is key during this period; removing leaves from the fruitzone in order to provide adequate airflow and sunlight onto the grapes. Seyval Blanc, will be the star of the show this year, with above average yields and we are already 3 weeks ahead of last year! Consistent weather throughout the harvest will allow flavour profiles to develop further, leading to an extremely complex wine. Look out for the Brut Reserve 2017!.”

It’s been a highly successful year for Lyme Bay Winery after achieving their long-term ambition, a BRC Global Standard (Issue 7) with a Grade A rating – the only English wine producer to currently hold this prestigious accreditation. Since launching their English wines in 2015, Lyme Bay have acquired an impressive 70 awards for still and sparkling wines, including the Pinot Noir Masters Competition, the Independent English Wine Awards, the International Wine Challenge, the Sommelier Wine Awards, the Decanter World Wine Awards, the International Wine & Spirits Competition and the UKVA Wine Awards adding to their already impressive reputation as a leading English wine producer.

For further information on Lyme Bay Winery please visit, email or call 01297 551 355.  Follow Lyme Bay on Twitter: @LymeBayWineLtd and ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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