First Edition Goes To Print!

First Edition Goes To Print!

Grow Exeter Magazine’s FIRST EDITION Goes to Print

Tired but satisfied, the team at Grow Exeter Magazine are celebrating the first edition – the October issue, going to print.  Late nights, planning meetings, last minute changes, checks, double checks, and even triple checks all under the belt, the team sat back and breathed a collective sigh of relief.  

What has been a manic but exhilarating month, culminated in the moment that we gathered around the screen to view, what we are proud to say, is a beautiful and inspiring magazine, and we cannot wait for that vibrant piece of literature to hit the streets.  

The team, suffering from a lack of sleep, overdosed on sugary treats, as the last few pieces were put into place.  Once our graphic designer had worked her magic on the last page, the editorial team had dotted and crossed the T’s and the I’s, Llew and Dan, the founders of the magazine, pressed the print button!  (not literally of course but you get the picture).

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