Can YOU Help Local Photographer Raise Funds To Open Studios In Exmouth?

Can YOU Help Local Photographer Raise Funds To Open Studios In Exmouth?

Matt Round Studios

Matt has been working as a freelance photographer in the local area now for 5 years full-time. In this time his business in the commercial sector has grown from strength to strength. As much as he loves his work, Matt has been longing to grow the portraiture side of his business, and the lack of a studio space has been holding him back. SO, we have found the perfect location in Exmouth town centre to open a studio, and we need support from you to raise a small injection of capital to get it going!

What We Need & What You Get

This is what we need, and what you will get in return for helping us to get there:

· £6,000 in capital to get the studio open. This money will pay for: a photo printer and setting up costs (paper and ink), the costs to build a partition wall and make the flooring even, painting and decorating, a couple of studio lights and resources to make our space friendly and welcoming for families with babies, and children with additional needs.
· We have some awesome perks that you will want to sign up for, including pet photo shoots at a bargain price!
· Everyone who pledges will be included on a ‘wall of fame’ on our website.

The Impact

This opportunity will have a huge impact on the business. It will enable us to:

· Provide short mini-shoots in a comfortable, wheelchair accessible space, perfect for families of children with additional needs.
· Provide pet portrait shoots.
· Provide a studio space that will be available for use by the local community.
· We will be able to offer workshops and teach photography skills classes.

To donate to Matt’s funding page follow the link:



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