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Live Music This Thursday With The Stay Home Sessions

Live Music This Thursday With The Stay Home Sessions

Exeter Uncovered’s Hannah O’Brien will be curating a series called The Stay Home Sessions showcasing some of Devon’s finest. Starting from Thursday 14th May, between 7-9 pm and from thereon fortnightly, all based on Instagram live.

Involving four back to back sessions from Devon artists, beginning initially with: SVVIM, Okay, Bye, Ollie Dixon and Soot Sprite.

The true aim of the sessions is to establish a platform through Exeter Uncovered for musicians to create a live performance, where the audience can interact with them to involve as many individuals as possible. All while, developing an inclusive place involving all genres of music.

There will be two hours of back to back Livestream sessions via Instagram, with an array of some of the most outstanding within the local music community.

Especially during this exceptionally testing crisis, it’s essential now more than ever to bring the incredible power of music to the wider community.

Alongside, of course, supporting musicians during these unprecedented times.

The musicians involved with the very first Stay-Home Sessions, range from, alternative pop multi-instrumentalist, SVVIM. Followed by powerful punk rock duo, Okay, Bye. Indie-alternative folk singer-songwriter, Ollie Dixon. And lastly, punk-infused rock from Exeter band on the rise, Soot Sprite.

It’s an eclectic mix of Devon artists that all bring a unique, distinguishable stance to the varying genres they’re involved with, alongside hoping to build a broader audience within the music community in Devon and beyond.

Furthermore, this enables Exeter Uncovered to build momentum in the interim of being able to release issue four of the independent print music magazine. Meanwhile, supporting an array of musicians that are currently unable to involve themselves in live music.

Credit to the extremely talented, Grace Elizabeth from Okay, Bye, who also created this brilliant poster for the sessions.

Hannah said,

‘I’m enormously inspired by the adoration I have for music and the creativity artists have developed during the isolation. I’m hopeful that there will be light, and music formed from all of this and that The Stay-Home Sessions can highlight some of that.’

Head over to: on Thursday 14th for the start of the fortnightly sessions.

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