Your Invite To Breathe Exeter

Your Invite To Breathe Exeter

By Sofy Robertson

Photos by Sofy Robertson and Nick Hook

Holidaymakers have always flocked to Devon to get a lungful of that beautiful sea and country air and for those who live and work in Exeter, it is definitely worth protecting – and celebrating! It is our pleasure, therefore, to invite you to attend the formal launch party of Breathe Exeter, hosted by Lightfoot and Grow Marketing.

On April 25th, Grow and Lightfoot will host guests at Exeter City Football Club for an evening of fizz, food and talks from Breathe Exeter partners. With Exeter’s best and brightest business minds invited, it promises to be a wonderful evening. Tickets are free to book and are available now on Eventbrite.

What is Breathe Exeter?

Breathe Exeter aims to create a “cleaner, greener Exeter” by the end of 2019 through encouraging drivers to make small changes in order to reduce emissions.

The first stage of the Breathe Exeter plan is to establish the widespread adoption of Lightfoot’s in-car technology amongst motorists in the Exeter area.

Lightfoot aims for 10% of Exeter’s vehicles to have a Lightfoot installed by the end of 2019. This will remove 550 tonnes of pollutants from our city’s air – that’s heavier than eighty elephants!

Lightfoot’s CEO, Mark Roberts, explains:

“Exeter can be a global leader in the fight against air pollution. We love our city – it’s the envy of the UK – and we all care about protecting it now and for future generations.

“The magic is… We can. By pulling together and having a significant proportion of the population make simple but impactful changes, Exeter can become the first case study that proves a community that cares can make a difference.

“This is why Lightfoot is investing half a million pounds into Breathe Exeter. We want everyone to take part, so that money will go straight to subsidising Lightfoot devices, providing more prizes and perks than ever, and engaging with our community in new and exciting ways.”

Lightfoot CEO Mark Roberts holds a Lightfoot to the camera

Llew Nicholls, CCO of Grow, says:

“Breathe Exeter is a really vital step in maintaining and improving the excellent air quality of Exeter.”

To find out more about Breathe Exeter, click here.

Employees of Lightfoot and Grow stand arm in arm launch party of Breathe Exeter

We look forward to seeing you at the formal launch party of Breathe Exeter; don’t forget to book your free place here.

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