Inside the South West Coffee Festival

Inside the South West Coffee Festival

We arrived on the second day of the South West Coffee Festival, myself and the family to experience the buzz of the coffee industry in the South West. The festival couldn’t have picked a better setting than at Powderham Castle, one of Devon’s most famous attractions, drawing in crowds from across the UK for it’s music events across the years.

Exeter based roaster – Littlestone Coffee

My wife and I both being coffee lovers were excited to attend today and felt there couldn’t be a more appropriate festival for us to review.

The organisers of the festival managed to attracted a good variety of coffee brands including the coffee liqueur makers ‘Conker’, the natural and reusable coffee cup producers ‘Ecoffee Cup’, the Exeter based coffee roasters ‘Littlestone’ and much more.

As part of the excitement on the day there was a barista competition named ‘Latte Art Throwdown’ showing off some amazing skills with coffee art. We have some immensely talented baristas in the South West and it was great to see some of them at work on the day.

In addition to the coffee competition there were various scheduled events going on all day including live music, key note speakers from the coffee industry, coffee demonstrations and even coffee cocktail brewing.

The Buckfastleigh based ‘Voyager Coffee’ demonstrated their unique coffee syphon which resulted with a full flavoured and tasty brew of coffee.  Quite an experience to watch this coffee making method and a good party trick if you’re thinking of purchasing a coffee syphon. 

The festival being in it’s infancy was on the smaller side and understandably as all festivals in there first year or two are. However I think this one to watch as it has the potential to grow massively with the growing love of coffee in the UK.

The South West Coffee Festival has done well to start with this level of momentum. I’m hoping that the South West Coffee Festival will continue to do great work and grow bigger again next year. Coffee lovers you still have time to get there for the third and final day tomorrow to see the South West coffee industry booming.

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