Zero Waste Shop ‘Refills On Wheels’ Coming To Devon

Zero Waste Shop ‘Refills On Wheels’ Coming To Devon
  • ALL or NOTHING Crowdfunder Campaign over 28 days to raise £20,000.
  • We’re bringing a Mobile Zero Waste shop to Devon – in a van! 
  • Zero-waste products will be sold to protect the environment and educate the community. 
  • Business opportunities for companies who want to make a difference. 

We’re bringing a plastic-free, low-waste refill station to community hubs around Devon. Our goal is to make zero-waste shopping more accessible and available for all, to build a stronger community and ultimately to help save the planet.

The founder of Earthkind, Naomi Hammonds, wants to help preserve natural resources and do her part to prevent plastics from getting into the oceans & rivers.

“I’ve seen plastic pollution affect wildlife and marine life too many times, and it’s awful. It makes me angry and sad all at the same time, so I’ve decided to do my part in making a change!”

This project aims to help build a stronger community while also helping people reduce their waste, save energy, and cut down on their carbon emissions. 

Community Benefits:

  • Encourage Plastic Free Shopping for towns & villages across Devon
  • Strengthen Community Bonds
  • Reach those in Isolation (less abled or elderly)
  • Engage Children Educationally
  • Help Meet Devon’s Recycling Targets which are 65% by 2035 

Why we’re crowdfunding and how you can help! 

We have decided to start a crowdfunding campaign which opens up the possibility for grant funding that wouldn’t otherwise be available. In order to open up this possibility, we are running an ALL or NOTHING Campaign over 28 days to raise £20,000. However, if we don’t meet the goal, we get nothing. This type of campaign will allow us to give back to the people who support us. Different tiers of rewards will be available, from Planting trees in someone’s name, one-off ‘Earthkind experiences’ and receiving exclusive discounts for joining the ‘Earthkind Club’

Businesses will also have opportunities such as utilising advertising space on the van & workplace visits.

This mobile shop is an excellent opportunity for us to bring the community together whilst treating the planet with a lot of extra love.

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