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Water Refill Station In Okehampton Will Save 10,000 Plastic Bottles a Year

Water Refill Station In Okehampton Will Save 10,000 Plastic Bottles a Year

A new water refill station in Okehampton will save 10,000 plastic bottles a year from being used as well as reducing litter and helping to keep walkers and cyclists hydrated.

Water retailer Source for Business, part of the Exeter-based Pennon Group, has sponsored the water refill station in Okehampton YHA to help combat plastic waste. The refill station was opened by Fran Rickwood, Eco-School Co-ordinator at Okehampton Primary School, who has driven a number of sustainability initiatives in the town.

Richard Stanbrook, Director of Source for Business, said:

“We’re proud to have helped Okehampton YHA with this important project. Helping businesses to use resources wisely is central to what we do and knowing that this refillstation alone will prevent 10,000 plastic bottles a year from being used is really encouraging.

Ruth Marshall, YHA’s Environmental Co-ordinator , said:

“Young people are at the heart of what YHA achieves as a leading national charity and we want them to enjoy the beautiful outdoors sustainably. We have installed 25 water stations so far and these ensure that young people can learn about the need to reduce plastic use whilst making sure they are hydrated for their adventures when they are staying with us. The YHA Okehampton refill station is part of a wider national initiative of which our aim is to save half a million plastic bottles being used annually.”

Okehampton YHA is situated on the edge of Dartmoor on the popular Granite Way cycle route so the refill station will be used by thirsty walkers and cyclists who can now fill up their water bottles with free tap water, rather than having to buy a plastic bottle.

With the average person in the UK using 150 plastic water bottles every year this, and other refill stations, is part of a growing movement aimed at reducing the amount of plastic used and preventing plastic pollution from entering rivers and seas.

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