Water Deal for Ethical Cosmetics Retailer Lush

Water Deal for Ethical Cosmetics Retailer Lush

Business water retailer water2business is thrilled to have signed a three-year deal to supply water and wastewater retail services to ethical cosmetics retailer Lush.

The deal includes 66 retail stores across England and Scotland, their offices and the manufacturing factories where Lush’s products are made using mostly natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

water2business has worked closely with the Poole-based company for many years. This close relationship gave Lush the confidence to switch all of its English and Scottish stores to water2business and means it no longer has to deal with numerous water companies for billing and site issues.

Lush will also benefit from monthly meter readings across all its stores which will give the company a greater understanding of how much water is being used and where it can make efficiencies.

Charley Maher, managing director at water2business said:

“Lush has robust environmental and social responsibility policies and is already incredibly aware of the value of water as a natural resource and how it uses water in its production processes, so we’re delighted that the company has chosen to put its trust in us.

“We are passionate about delivering leading-edge innovation and expertise to help customers improve their environmental performance and we’re really looking forward to working with Lush to see how much we can achieve together.”

Lush will also benefit from having a dedicated account manager, monthly management reports, trade effluent consent advice and support and the installation of automated meter reading technology at a number of sites.

Jack Gale, Utilities Lead at Lush said:

“We are really excited to be partnering with water2business nationwide; having worked with them in area for many years. We are particularly keen on monthly data as this is a huge benefit to us. It changes the way in which we interact with our stores and factories and means we can closely monitor and manage our water usage to keep consumption to a minimum.”

water2business was born out of a joint billing venture created between Wessex Water and Bristol Water in 2000. In April 2017 it started competing in the new non-household water retail market, using its extensive industry knowledge and proven track record to deliver services for businesses, charities, schools and other non-household water users.


To find out more about water2business go to water2business.co.uk

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