#ShareYourMoves with others

#ShareYourMoves with others

We can all accept – sometimes grudgingly – that physical activity is good for our health. There are so many documented benefits to moving more and the best bit is, even a little bit more is enough to make a difference. We’re supporters of baby steps here at Live and Move, as we know everyone’s life is different and we aren’t all at the same starting line. What adds up to a personal gold for one person can look very different to a ‘win’ for the person next door. 

Do we know how much we move? 

With technology like GPS trackers and step counting gadgets for walks and workouts, there’s ways to measure how much we move about – if you like that kind of thing. But do we really think about all the ways that movement benefits us, and others, when we are totting up the steps or counting calories? It’s not just about cardiovascular fitness or weight loss (though these can be important too). 

Everyone lives in different circumstances and reasons for moving more can include supporting mental wellbeing or improvement of basic mobility, to make normal daily activities like doing the housework or walking to the local shop a bit easier. 

Move together 

We’re encouraging people to join in with the #ShareYourMoves campaign by posting photos on social media and telling us their ideas and stories. But it’s possible to join in ‘offline’ too, in ways that benefit individual lives, by sharing with those around us. 

You can #ShareYourMoves with friends, family and others in your neighbourhood, workplaces and communities by talking about how much (or not) you move and what you like to do, sharing inspiration and ideas. 

You might share by inviting others to join you in some moves. Perhaps you’ll meet up for a walk, or a cup of tea and bit of weeding in the garden. Maybe you’ll commit as a team to checking in – no pressure – with each other on how active you’ve been during the working day, or come up with ideas to break it up a bit. 

Whatever your preferred way to increase your daily moves, think about finding a way to share with others, so we can support each other as a community to move more for our health and wellbeing. 

Send us your photos or tell us your #ShareYourMoves story by getting in touch at hello@liveandmove.co.uk

Live and Move are one of 12 Sport England Local Delivery Pilots across the nation. Exeter City Council is the accountable body for the funds we receive from Sport England. Our team is made up of local people and we are working with Exeter and Cranbrook communities, organisations and leaders to find out how to make it easier for people to move more in their day-to-day lives.  

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