Rebecca Broad – Making A World Of Difference

Rebecca Broad – Making A World Of Difference

The Oxford Dictionary’s 2019 Word of the Year was climate emergency. (Yep, I know that’s two words, but I don’t make the rules.) Climate crisis and climate action featured on the shortlist.

So what can we do for the climate?

10 years ago my reusable coffee cup and supplies from zero waste stores would have earned me an environmentalist gold sticker. Today, in a climate emergency, it’s the absolute bare minimum.

Here are three ideas which could help all of us to step up.

Carbon neutral – and negative

The UK Government is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050; Exeter by 2030. I’d hope you’re all taking steps to at least offset your carbon emissions (if you’re not sure what your footprint is, head to But why not go a step further and help remove excess carbon?

Two Drifters in Exeter is the world’s first brewery and distillery with a carbon negative footprint. They partner with Climeworks – and so can you, from €7 a month. Climeworks’ plants capture CO2 directly from the air, and the Washington Post described them as “saving the world”. Hey, we can all be superheroes!

Vote with your wallet

Every penny you spend has an impact. You could challenge yourself to only buy items from charity shops or ethical retailers or to buy all of your groceries from local providers. The reality is that most of us frequent supermarkets weekly, but you can make changes there too: try plant-based milk. CarbonCloud calculations show that, in the UK, a litre of Oatly Barista produces 0.44kg of CO2 equivalent. A litre of whole cow’s milk produces over 3 and a half times more – 1.58kg CO2e.

Large-scale pressure

Of course, little actions are helpful, but they really are only a drop in the ocean. We can multiply our impact by influencing the choices and actions of others – whether that’s by changing your company’s environmental policy, or volunteering with a charity to influence policy on a national level. This stuff works:  Microsoft has recently pledged to remove all of the CO2 it has emitted into the atmosphere since 1975 and is aiming for carbon negative by 2030.

Now is the time for bold, brave steps. This is an emergency.

How are you or your business hoping to change the world?  Tweet me at @RebeccaComms or email – I’d love to hear from you.

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