Nourish: Zero Waste Movement

Nourish: Zero Waste Movement

Running a business is difficult and with the volume of knowledge we have at our fingertips just keeping pace with our competitors is often hard enough, so innovation is often the last consideration. But why not sidestep the market and jump ahead of the curve? We all know that oceans are littered with plastic; but how much do we know about the waste in our supply chains?

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the world we live in and how to limit their negative impact on the earth that we all call ‘home’. So why not adapt rather than just adopt? With a few careful choices we can streamline packaging and waste in our supply chains. Refillable and reusable products and services are a thing of today.

Are you inspired by the Zero Waste movement? Are you excited by the prospect of innovating in a new direction? Are your team ready to take on a challenge that will help you, your business and your employees grow?

By embracing change businesses are reaping the rewards of new product lines and service offerings, all whilst putting pressure on that bottom line with the reduced business costs one can derive by minimising resources and waste.

To help you get started on this journey Nourish offers:

  • ‘In the trenches’ knowledge and understanding of Zero Waste innovation, sustainable sourcing and supply chain streamlining.
  • Expert guidance to develop financial and environmental business cases.
  • Pilot trials to test the concepts of refillable and reusable within your business
  • Training and Mentorship programs, brainstorming sessions and guided workshops on Zero Waste Innovation and the Circular Economy

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