Making Small Changes

Making Small Changes

By Therapist, Barbara Appleby RMBACP 

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Sustainable living’ and ‘Environment?’ If I think too hard about it, I can start to feel overwhelmed. The earth is a big place, right?  

When you google what sustainable living means this is the definition: 

“Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change and other negative environmental concerns. More simply, sustainable living is a method of reducing one’s ‘carbon footprint’ “ 

Everywhere you look there are sustainable clothes that are vegan friendly, made from organic cotton, or bamboo and using natural dyes. You can buy sustainable toilet rolls, sustainable furniture, recipe boxes and much more.  

Since moving house, I have purchased quite a bit of sustainable furniture and some companies even plant a tree for every tree used to make your furniture. 

I love to visit the Eden Project, it’s one of my happy places. I love it because it is full of life and vibrancy, and it is peaceful. I try and go a couple of times a year. There is so much to learn about the environment there. 

I love plants. It is a running joke, in my house, that I’m slowly turning my home into a mini-Eden! 

Through the first lockdown, you may have heard the stories from around the world, where wildlife was seen venturing into towns and cities; dolphins swimming in unusual seas.  

 Research has been carried out whilst our planet was in lockdown to examine the impact it had on our wildlife. They suggest that lockdown has enabled scientists to put a case forward for how we can responsibly build in the future, keeping our wildlife in mind.  Rooftop gardens, for example, for bees and butterflies, tunnels for hedgehogs. The research suggests that as individuals, we can all make small changes that will have a significant impact on our environment. *

The key sentence here for me is ‘small changes that will have a significant impact on our environment’  

The whole world is too big for me to tackle, but I can play my part, however small it may seem, to shop mindfully, to recycle where I can, and also to buy sustainable resourced products when I’m able.  


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