JACKS PATCH – Easy ‘No Dig’ Method For Growing your Own Food

Jacks Patch is an urban farm in Upminster, Essex. He used 3 Principles; no dig, permaculture and biodynamic farming.  

With a little bit of know-how anyone can grow their own food, which is why Jack has teamed up with his friends at Vivo Life to show you just how easy it is. 

  • How to prepare your bed using the ‘no-dig’ method for healthier soil and higher quality produce 
  • How to create a raised bed for patios and small gardens (for less than £5!) 
  • The best seeds to buy right now for early Spring sowing 

Jacks Patch and Vivo Life are dedicated to helping people eat as healthily as possible, without comprising the planet or their ethos!  

Find out more at: 

Vivo Life: https://www.vivolife.co.uk/ 

Jacks Patch: https://www.jackspatch.co.uk/ 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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