Going Dutch

Going Dutch

Written By Tess Read 

Is this the best advert for going green ever? Yes, I think perhaps it is. When friends moved out of the city centre, we were sure their days of late-night meals and drinks in town were over. We were not reassured by their promises that they would “find solutions”. Perhaps the train they said. But the last train is too early we countered. Maybe electric bikes they offered. Not unless you are both going to stop wearing the kind of heels that get caught in pedals, I replied. Although to be fair, it was only one of them who did that on anything more than a very occasional basis. 

Dog on Bike

But no one was expecting this. We live normal lives, try to find sustainable solutions to everyday questions and come up with answers that surprise no one. How do I eat less meat? Errr, you eat less meat. How do I cut down on dairy? Have you tried oat milk? It’s actually really nice these days. How do I use less plastic? You refill at a zero-waste shop such as the fabulous Nourish in Magdalen Road and not only don’t bring home any new plastic bottles but also donate your old ones to the shop for customers who left theirs at home. Yes, we try to be good people and these are the solutions we come up with. And they are good solutions. Nothing wrong with them. They literally all help. 

Plus, we try to ride our bikes more. We try to believe that rain is no kind of drama and that it doesn’t matter if we get wet because skin is waterproof. (It really is by the way – I know that doesn’t seem true. But if it weren’t, our heart and lungs would get soaked each time it rained, rather than it just feeling like they did.) But do our bike journeys replace car journeys or are they just quicker than walking? 

And are they anything like as much fun as this photo suggests being green can be? Do you ride on a Dutch electric bike that can carry 200kg, requires minimal effort to make it go, has a seat on the back for spouse to ride pillion, and a bright yellow beer crate on the front for your outrageously fluffy dog? Thought not. Time to up our game, people! Green and fun, they really can go together. 

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