Exeter Businesses all Qualify for Flexible Power – Earn Money by Managing your Power

Exeter Businesses all Qualify for Flexible Power – Earn Money by Managing your Power

Flexible Power is a new form of electricity demand management being rolled out by Western Power Distribution. The aim of Flexible Power is to help businesses generate revenue from electrical flexibility which in turn supports the grid.

The scheme encourages businesses to adjust electrical consumption or provide generation to the grid at key times. By participating in the scheme, businesses will earn additional revenue and will also benefit the local network and the wider electricity system.

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This new initiative is comprised of three potential revenue streams for all businesses in Exeter: “Secure”, “Dynamic” and “Restore”. See the map for coverage of the scheme.

  • The “Secure” service is used to manage peak demand loads on the network. Businesses will be paid to generate power at a prescribed time.
  • The “Dynamic” service is fault-driven and businesses can secure generous revenues for providing power during grid maintenance events.

“Restore” is an emergency-response service which participants can be ready to provide power at short notice and be compensated accordingly.

If you have a back-up asset such as a diesel generator or commercial solar Beco can unlock this revenue for you. We also offer a turnkey service where we install the back-up power asset at no cost and share the Flexible Power payments.

Come and see us at our new ‘Sustainable Hub’ in Marsh Barton to discuss this exciting opportunity or call 0800 488 0067 or visit www.becouk.com/

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