New Woodworking Space Opens in Exeter Providing a Community Woodworking Facility for Everyone

New Woodworking Space Opens in Exeter Providing a Community Woodworking Facility for Everyone

A new community woodworking facility, The Woodspace UK, has opened this week in Marsh Barton, Exeter, with a mission to provide flexible and affordable access to a professional workshop space, with equipment to support small businesses, freelancers and hobby woodworkers.  

Founded by Martin Lammers, a professional joiner and traditional boatbuilder, The Woodspace UK aims to be the best woodworking space in the South West by providing safe, efficient and brand new fully extracted machinery in a well organised, clean, tidy and bright space.  As Martin says:

“We welcome all woodworkers, fine furniture makers, cabinet makers, designers and crafters in our warehouse in Marsh Barton, Exeter.”

“Setting up your own workshop is an expensive and often lonely enterprise. With the initial cost of setting up a small workshop averaging at £10,000 it is also a large commitment to make, which can be hard to recuperate and with the ongoing monthly costs to maintain this can put you under a lot of financial pressure and stress.”

“​The Woodspace UK is a solution to these issues with access to an efficient, high-end, professional and social workshop without the large financial commitment. Working in a shared workshop enables you to work on your solo projects whilst being able to collaborate with other members, sharing ideas, best practice and helping one another.”

All members have access to a full range of professional woodworking machines, a work bay with bench space, 240v power and compressed air as well as a staff room, office and WiFi.

The Woodspace UK, Grow

Martin continues:

“Annual membership at The Woodspace UK gives you access to all the facilities and sets you up with inductions and training for the workshop and machinery use. It also provides you with a host of community benefits and we are proud to promote our members and their work via our website and social media platforms.”

The Woodspace UK also offers courses in different aspects of woodworking. Examples of courses are:

Chopping board: A day-long course which is a great way to learn some basic hand and machining skills and at the end of the day take home something beautiful and useful that you have created.

Tool basics. A two-day course which is great for the complete beginner to a competent woodworker. We cover the sharpening, set up and use of a range of hand tools as well as marking equipment.

Paddle making. An intense two-day course where you will create and shape your custom paddle. This a great course for a woodworker at any level from the novice to the advanced. The fluidity of a paddle enables you to carefully carve your masterpiece and allows your creativity to flow.

For further information about The Woodspace UK please contact:

Martin Lammers

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