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Did You Know That Generation Z Will Produce the Greatest Group of Business People EVER? No, Really…

Did You Know That Generation Z Will Produce the Greatest Group of Business People EVER? No, Really…

Don’t panic, Grow readers; your eyes are not deceiving you. My name is Ashley Carr and, in this article, I am going to make the case that because of several important factors, Generation Z (those currently aged 16-23) will produce the greatest business minds the world has ever known.

Lazy? No. Always intoxicated? No. Smartphone dependant? Well, maybe… but the majority of stereotypes that are attributed to Generation Z are simply wrong, and the characteristics and skills we do possess have a clear link to success in the world of business.

Generation Z are optimists. We disregard what other generations think about our future and believe that we will have better lives than the generation before us. What is the achievement that would make us happiest in life? Not being famous as other generations think, but having a job that we love. It’s widely acknowledged that a sense of optimism and working on what you love is instrumental to success in business.

Generation Z’s biggest skill by far is our technological know-how, having grown up using the internet and computers. My personal hero and “The World’s Greatest Investor” Warren Buffett created one of the largest fortunes ever despite, for the most, part avoiding technology companies because he didn’t understand them. What if he did?

The statistic involving Generation Z that I consider one of the most important is 27% of us count reading as a favourite activity. This figure is higher than both Millennials (20%) and Generation X (24%). We are so fortunate to be able to tap into the minds of the great business people of today and yesteryear via books, and with time on our side, I am confident that a generation of outstanding businessmen and businesswomen will emerge.

No need to take my word for it, it’s already happening. Akshay Ruparelia, “Britain’s Youngest Millionaire” at just 19, became inspired to start the no- frills online estate agency (now valued at £12 million) after reading a biography of Michael O’Leary.

Imagine a generation of intelligent, socially responsible and thoroughly creative individuals picking up books such as the autobiographical works: ‘What You See Is What You Get’ and ‘Made in America’ by Alan Sugar and Sam Walton respectively. Picture what such a generation could achieve after enhancing their inherent entrepreneurial mindset by reading ‘Best Served Cold’ by Malcolm Walker, ‘Grinding It Out’ by Ray Kroc or ‘The Art of the Deal’ by Donald Trump… okay, maybe not the last one.

Global terrorism, climate change and the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression are just some of the volatile events that highlight the fact that Generation Z have grown up in less than ideal circumstances. However, out of these challenges comes an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of previous generations and to do things differently. The UK Government’s Prevent strategy features the word ‘integration’ 28 times and there is no doubt about the importance of integration in combating the ideology of extremism.

Generation Z is very culturally diverse and acutely concerned with the issue of racism (among other forms of prejudice) and it’s this level of diversity and respect for others that could and should lead to reduced levels of extremism in the future. Tackling climate change also ranks highly on the agenda for Generation Z. We firmly believe that climate change is going to be the biggest challenge that faces humanity within the next 10 years and are more than willing to go the extra mile to become “green”.

As Generation Z becomes more influential and these two obstacles are dealt with on a macro-scale, more time, energy and resources can be put towards creating the healthier and more vibrant business environment, conducive to generating exceptional entrepreneurs.

In 2015 as part of #ChallengeRichard, Richard Branson was given the task to:

“Find one person younger than you were when you started and offer them non-monetary support to help them find success.”

I encourage you to take up the same challenge now, for I believe that Generation Z, more than those who have come before us, believes in the maxim, ‘the best way to predict your future is to create it’. Do something today to help us create ours.

Ashley Carr is from Alphington in Exeter and is a student at Petroc College in Tiverton.

Photo by Perzon Seo

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