Sneak Peek At Don Johnston’s New Music Video ‘Rising’

Sneak Peek At Don Johnston’s New Music Video ‘Rising’

“Don Johnston is one of Vintage Remix’s killer secret producers. An unstoppable
music maestro” – Chris Tofu MBE

Ground breaking hydraulic DJ platform mastermind Don Johnston announces the first music video from his solar powered EP ‘July’.

Collaborating with festival circuit folk bass legend Captain Flatcap and serene vocalist Mazrah, the trio have sculpted an emotive soundscape which transforms from a beautiful morning walk with Maz into a high energy steppin’ party starter.

Mazrah’s mellifluous voice plays around Flatcap’s catchy flute riff and off-beat guitar skank until the tune crescendos into a chunky rhythm and warpy psychedelic bass.

Don Johnston

Don Johnston has developed a technique that allows him to perform complex modulated bass lines live, while retaining the playability of a traditional instrument.

The unparalleled new setup is evident in the music video for ‘Rising’ which was shot in lush woodland at Sunrise Festival, using a similar off grid methodology to the tune’s creation.

Recorded, mixed and mastered using solar power, Don Johnston’s ‘July’ EP started life as electrons fired at Earth from our nearest star.

“Cracking unique style. Clearly demonstrating a fusion of 2 sounds that previously ran side by side, brought together to create a banging summer festival tune” – Dutty Moonshine.

Don Johnston

The release will be further supported by the main Freshly Squeezed social channels:
Freshly Squeezed YouTube channel: 53k subscribers
Electro Swing Facebook page: 95k users
Electro Swing Spotify playlist: 93k followers

Don Johnston’s latest project combines live elements from collaborating artists along with a complex electronic setup that allows intricate modulating synth lines to be played real-time, bridging the gap between a “live” DJ set and a full live band.

Check out the“July” EP here.

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