Find Your Hero at Disney On Ice

Find Your Hero at Disney On Ice

Find Your Hero, the latest Disney on Ice production took place between the 11-14th November at Exeter’s Westpoint Arena. We were fortunate enough to attend this exciting event. As we drove in, the butterflies fluttered in anticipation (and we’re adults!).  Scores of Elsas, Belles and Ariels queued to enter the arena, chatting nineteen to the dozen.  Oh, to be young enough again to dress up for such an occasion! 

Disney Favourites on Ice

The show was ram-packed with Disney favourites, from Moana to Frozen.  A mix of the old Disney classics with the more recent Disney films.   The audience couldn’t help but sing along to the familiar numbers as they watched their heroes entertain in spectacular fashion.  We watched with bated breath as the expert skaters whizzed and whirled around the ice. So talented! There was never the fear that they might fall though, they are just that good! 

It was an evening where we could lose ourselves in the magical world of childhood dreams.  With popcorn and hotdogs on tap, the audience collectively ‘oohed and aahed’ as one fairy tale classic after another was visited.  The Little Mermaid; Tangled; Moana; Beauty and the Beast; and Frozen; there was something for everyone.  In between each tale, we got to visit with some lifelong Disney friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Still can’t quite understand what Donald is trying to say! 

Disney On Ice Find Your Heroes

Find Your Hero – Classic Fairy Tales

Watching an expertly timed performance like this is fabulous, but what takes it to another level is the timelessness of both Disney and ice skating.  Classic entertainment combining heart-warming fairy tales with the excitement of hurtling around the ice at breakneck speeds.  Who could ask for more!  

 The interaction with the audience was second-to-none; it was great to see so many little (and not so little) people responding, waving, laughing and cheering.  Well, it would’ve been rude not to wave back! 

Disney On Ice Find Your Hero
Magnificent Maximus

The costumes looked, well, just like they do in the movies, spectacular! Hat’s off to the costume department.   The stand out costumes had to be Maximus, the horse from Tangled and Sven, Kristoff the mountain man’s trusted reindeer.  They looked so close to the characters in the movie; they were attention grabbing.  Definitely show stealers!  How on earth someone skates around inside that gear without missing a step is miraculous. 

We noticed an audible en masse sigh of appreciation when Olaf entered during Frozen.  His costume, another achievement in design, as Anna ‘accidentally’ pulled off his head and then skilfully replaced it.  All carried out amidst cries of delight from the audience, comic genius at its best. 

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