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Network of Volunteer Therapists Offer Free Mental Health Service to NHS Workers

Network of Volunteer Therapists Offer Free Mental Health Service to NHS Workers

Two therapists who set up a free online mental health counselling service for NHS frontline staff have recruited a network of 1,000 volunteer therapists.  

Within the first three days Claire Goodwin-Fee and Sam Cotton had 600 therapists volunteering their time and 2,000 NHS staff signed up for help.  

That number has risen to 1,000 volunteers and each day they’re getting as many as 10,000 people trying to access it.  

The service is being inundated with frontline staff desperately trying to access the service. Over 100 doctors and nurses have been matched to therapists across the UK which is great, but they could do so much more. The free website they created is crashing under the traffic and can’t handle the number of enquiries they’re receiving. They’ve set up a ‘go fund me’ page to build a new website.  

Why is it needed?  

Claire Goodwin-Fee, co-founder of Frontline 19 said:

“I’m passionate about supporting our NHS frontline staff at this extraordinary time, having in the past received incredible loving care for a family member from intensive care nurses and doctors. They’re scared, overworked and stressed and need our support now more than ever.”  

Sam Cotton, co-founder of Frontline 19 said:

“One senior NHS regional worker told me that there is excellent psychological support available through the NHS. But there are 3 or 4 part-time psychologists available for about 10,000 workers. There is no way all the people that will need it can access support.”

“The service needs funding to cope with the current need but also because once it’s set up and this starts to die down, that’s when the trauma will kick in and they’ll need them more than ever.” 

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