PPE4Exeter Rapidly Expanding And They Need Your Help!

PPE4Exeter Rapidly Expanding And They Need Your Help!

Who are PPE4Exeter?

PPE4Exeter was founded just three weeks ago and, in that time, has made and distributed more than 600 face-masks to GPs, carers and other frontline staff. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rush for resources has become overwhelming and the social mission is to ensure that local medium-sized and smaller organisations don’t get left behind.

The project started three weeks ago, working with suppliers and a design team and led codesign processes with clinical teams, to ensure that the face-shields are made using the latest  national guidance and align with the needs of the frontline staff that receive them.

However, as the Coronavirus crisis deepens, PPE4Exeter is looking to increase its capacity to create and distribute this vital equipment to local care-workers and NHS staff.

How can people help?

With help from the public, it’s estimated that the social enterprise can assemble and deliver a further 5000 face-shields, within the next four weeks. As a not-for-profit voluntary group, PPE4Exeter needs to raise funds in order to source materials and equipment, to produce vital PPE for the frontline workers within our communities.

A donation of just £5 can provide a re-usable face shield for a local GP, nurse, care-workers and community response workers who are working in health, social care and charity settings.

Care-workers on the frontline, looking after patients with COVID-19, are themselves most at risk of contracting the virus. The best way to protect our communities is to protect those who are working to keep us safe. 

If you want to donate, want further information or want to find out how you can get involved, go to www.ppe4exeter.co.uk or visit our Crowdfunder.
Check out our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JJTpvP93nk&feature=emb_title 

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