The Bigwave Business Games Are Back For Exeter And Torbay

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What are the bigwave business games?

The Bigwave Business Games is an annual not-for-profit competition designed to bring people and companies together across the south west. Now in their tenth year, the games will take place across Exeter and, for the first time, Torbay.

The games consist of several fun activities:


  • Treasure Hunt at Paignton Zoo (25th April)
  • Touch tennis (30th April)
  • Mini Olympics (7th May)
  • Short mat bowls (14th May)Pub Quiz (16th May)


  • Ten pin bowling (24th May)
  • Mini Olympics (29th May)
  • Pub quiz (3rd June)
  • Touch tennis (18th June)
  • Bell boat race on the quay (21st June)

Since their inception, the games have raised more than £32,000 for local charitable causes (The Exeter Foundation and TBC for Torbay), whilst promoting unparalleled joint networking and team-building opportunities.

An Awards Event later in the year gives the teams the chance to celebrate the success of the games. Trophies are awarded for:

  • Winner
  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Improved
  • Fair Play Award
Man in harness and helmet on a climbing course.

Why take part?

The Bigwave Business Games contain an eclectic mix of physical and mental activities designed to challenge teams in a hugely enjoyable way.

For most organisations involved, the games are the most anticipated date in their calendar. As fun as they are, the games are also a brilliant way for companies to market themselves – not just to competing businesses but also to show their more fun, personable and ‘human’ side to the outside world.

The games are a particularly great way for local organisations to show that they’re involved in their local communities and get to know more about the businesses around them. 

Physical activity is the best way to bond – the mixture of released endorphins and teamwork brings people closer together in a way that few things can. The same is true of the mental activities, like the pub quiz, which give people a chance to work together against the clock to beat the other competing businesses.

Who are Bigwave?

The Bigwave Business Games are organised by Bigwave media, the south west’s largest creative growth agency. Bigwave media offers a range of marketing services, from digital like pay-per-click advertising, social media and content writing, to traditional, like design and print distribution.

Companies from across Exeter and Torbay are invited to join the respective games. Each team entered must have at least 4 people of mixed gender, but organisations are allowed to mix up their teams for each event to ensure that everyone gets a chance to compete.

What do local businesses have to say about the Bigwave Business Games?

Phil Willis, Systems Trainer at Michelmores, says:

“We are really looking forward to taking part in the Bigwave Business Games 2019, and defending our title! Getting involved in any team activity has so many positive benefits. If you then add to the mix playing with people you don’t know very well or in some circumstances, not at all, then this is a great way to build relationships within your organisation that may never have happened under normal circumstances.

“Sport is a great leveller; no matter your job, on the field, everyone is equal. New friendships and camaraderie has to be one of the biggest paybacks of getting involved in the Bigwave Business games. There is nothing like a bit of competition to rally people, and oh boy! do we have some competitive people at Michelmores.”

Men in purple Flybe t-shirts play tennis.

Dane Newman, Global IQE Quality Control Manager at BPA Quality, says:

“The Bigwave Business Games have now really become tradition for BPA Quality; 2019 will be our fifth time entering since we began in 2015. We are strong supporters of the Exeter Foundation and as part of the foundation 15, we want to show our support!

“Every year we have competed, we’ve always had a great experience; the events are of a good variety that require different skills giving multiple individuals the chance to shine and find something that suits them. The Bigwave team are also a fantastic bunch who have always kept us well informed and supported maximum participation, including reaching out to other businesses if companies are short on team members for a particular event.”

Jamie Palmear, Corporate Finance Senior at Bishop Fleming, says:

“Since 2016, Bishop Fleming has been actively involved in the Bigwave Media Business Games with 2019 being our fourth consecutive year of entry. We have also signed up to take part in the inaugural Torbay games.

“It is the variety of activities and buzz around the games that brings us back each year. The range of events ensures that there really is something for everyone, and by bringing together various local businesses across numerous industries and sectors, there is an unparalleled opportunity to meet with fellow and likeminded professionals. Scoreboard updates after each round and stories from the games the night before are always topics of conversation around the office and have made the events a successful team building exercise by bringing the office closer together.”

People in lifejackets in canoes on Exeter Quay.

When do the games take place?

The Torbay Business Games will run from 25th April to the 16th May. The Exeter Business Games will run from the 24th May to the 21st June.

How do I sign up?

Visit the Bigwave Business Games website for more information and to register for the Games.

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