Pete’s Dragons Opens First Charity Shop – Now That’s Retail Therapy!

Pete’s Dragons Opens First Charity Shop – Now That’s Retail Therapy!

Pete’s Dragons appeals for help, volunteers and donations ahead of the grand opening of their first store in Rolle Street, Exmouth, in late April.

Retail therapy with a difference will bring mental health to the high street when Pete’s Dragons opens its first-ever shop in Exmouth.

Pete’s Dragons will give shoppers the chance to look after their minds and bodies while bagging a bargain at its outlet in Rolle Street.

The cause has issued an appeal for help, donations and volunteers ahead of the store’s grand opening later this month. Work is currently under way to transform the premises, formerly The Hub.

Manager Louise Hancock said:

“Our shop will be quite unique, with a section devoted to mental wellbeing.”

Pete’s Dragons supports hundreds of suicide bereaved families across Devon and every penny of profit made at the shop will go towards helping its beneficiaries. When required, donated goods will go directly to families in need.

Louise, 23, of Exmouth, added:

“Mental health can still be seen as a taboo, so it will be really nice to have a shop that represents the subject.

“I’m super-excited. The idea of combining mental health with something in the community, fashion and retail is a great way to get more people involved.”

Pete’s Dragons founder and CEO Alison Jordan said:

“This is a charity shop with a difference.  Yes, you can come in and grab a pre-loved bargain, but you can also learn a thing or two about how to keep yourself physically and mentally well.

“Since its creation, Pete’s Dragons has been building a wealth of knowledge in the field of wellbeing and mental health maintenance and improvement. We use certain products and tools to help our work with beneficiaries and we’d like to share this with the local community. For that reason, we’ll be selling wellbeing products within the shop.”

Alison says the shop can further help the Exeter Road-based charity, which currently relies on grants and fundraising, to “stand on its own two feet and generate its own income”. She added:

“At four years old, the charity is now at a stage where it is fully aware of the incredible difference it makes to its beneficiaries. It therefore needs to take steps to ensure its sustainability for the future, to be able to continue to provide that service.

“Help and donations would be very much appreciated at this stage, as would volunteers to help run the shop.”

If you can help, contact Pete’s Dragons on 01395 277780 or email  

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