Medic Malawi

Medic Malawi

Malawi is one of the most impoverished countries on earth with many of its population facing life without enough food, adequate healthcare, and education.  Life expectancy is low, many face death from illnesses such as AIDS and Malaria and, in the last decade, maternal deaths in childbirth have increased by 100%. 

Medic Malawi is an Exeter-based charity which works in partnership with St Andrew’s Hospital, AMAO Childrens Home and the wider community of Mtunthama in rural Malawi. Established in 2001, the charity’s mission is to provide quality, accessible and sustainable healthcare for the people of Malawi and to create a safe, loving supportive and sustainable environment for vulnerable Malawian children.

St Andrew’s, an Anglican Mission Hospital, employs 116 staff members and serves a rural community of 53,000 people. It is also the only maternity referral centre and healthcare provider in the district, serving 150,000 for maternal care. 

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The charity also arranges a monthly eye clinic, with a team going into the rural area covering the whole of the Kasungu district. Working with local health workers and village elders, they identify people with eyesight problems and support the provision of life-altering medical procedures.  

The charity’s involvement is one of support, enabling and empowering, rather than simply swooping in and just sorting out problems. The incredible Medic Malawi projects are all Malawian-led.  

Tom Hunt, the charity’s UK Director commented,

“That’s why we work in partnership with the management team at the hospital and the children’s home, to encourage and enable them. The big drive that we are heading towards now is sustainability. We want to see the hospital and the orphanage stand on its own two feet financially.”

Besides financial assistance, which is vital to enable the charity to continue its work, supporters of Medic Malawi can also offer practical assistance. The charity, under the direction of Tom is going from strength to strength and recently organised a meeting of Exeter Medical Professionals, with key healthcare providers coming together to find out more about the work of Medic Malawi. Some of the greatest medical minds in the region were inspired and engaged and many are now considering visiting Malawi and practically assisting with the charity’s amazing work. 

If you would like to learn more about Medic Malawi, or donate towards their incredible work, visit

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