Julian House – Christmas Appeal To Help The Local Homeless Community

Julian House – Christmas Appeal To Help The Local Homeless Community

Local homeless charity Julian House has launched a Christmas Appeal to help provide support for homeless and vulnerable people in Exeter and across Devon.  In addition to raising much needed funds the campaign has another important role in raising awareness of the complex issues which impact on some of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of society.

Being homeless is damaging and dangerous.  With the temperature set to plummet the risks become even greater for anyone who finds themselves on the streets.  Christmas is a particularly hard time of year – loneliness, isolation and freezing conditions have a big impact on mental and physical health.  This forces some members of the homeless community into desperate situations, with possible risk to life. 

It is an unfortunate fact that demand for the charity’s services is on the rise.

Julian House is calling on the general public and organisation to support its various projects – Nightstop Devon in particular. Nightstop provides hundreds of accommodation nights to dozens of young people in Exeter and surrounding areas who would otherwise have to sleep on the streets, beg floor space from friends or leave themselves vulnerable to strangers’ attention.  The charity has seen a worryingly increase in the number of 16-25 year-olds seeking support from its Nightstop team.

Other services provided by Julian House include: Assertive Outreach, Prison Resettlement, Supported Housing and Bay 6.  The latter project works closely with the RD&E Hospital providing housing solutions for patients who have been identified as homeless when admitted and ensuring they have somewhere to go to recover.

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Sarah Lakey is the Charity’s Community Fundraiser – “Every day my colleagues and our marvellous Nightstop host families do fantastic work with dozens of very vulnerable men, women and young people – understanding the underlying issues which have out them in this difficult situation.  The focus then is to identify how best to tackle those issues.  The positive changes that we are often able to achieve are tremendous.  However, with all of this we are very reliant upon the support of the wider community – both financially and through gifts in kind.  We do hope that this will continue.  Supporting Julian House this Christmas will help to ensure that we can deliver our services 365 days a year.  Not just changing lives – often saving lives.”

To find out more about Julian House’s work visit www.julianhouse.org.uk 

Donations can be made at www.justgiving.com/julianhouse   By post to – Julian House. 17 Market St Exeter, EX1 1BW (cheque payable to Julian House).

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