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Farms For City Children

Farms For City Children

Imagine you’re 11 years old and have never been further than three miles away from your home in a crowded tower block in central London. Then imagine that you find yourself here, in the glorious Devonshire countryside, with a whole week to explore the acres of lush, green fields that stretch to the horizon. This is why Farms for City Children do what they do. This is why every penny they raise as a charity counts. 

They help children from cities and disadvantaged backgrounds to imagine bigger, brighter futures than they could ever dream of. They also give them an opportunity to connect with rural places, rural people, and introduce them to the delights of good food, fresh air, and the sense of satisfaction and purpose that is found in the physical exhaustion after a long day spent working together outdoors to care for the livestock and tend the kitchen garden.

And Farms for City Children is just as important today as when it was founded in the 1970s by Devon-based writer Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare. Having begun at Nethercott House in Iddesleigh, Devon, the charity went on to set up two more farms – in Pembrokeshire and Gloucestershire, and today welcomes over three thousand 8-13 year-old children a year for a week-in-wellies. 

Today, Farms for City Children is a national charity, welcoming groups of school children from across the country. During their stay at the farms the children and their teachers/guardians live and work at the farms, explore the countryside, and find out where good food comes from. They also discover self-confidence as they conquer fears, grow in self-belief as they overcome challenges as part of hard working teams, develop new friendships, create stories and poems filled with the vibrant sounds and language of the rural environment.

Farms for City Children only work with inner-city and disadvantaged children, most of whom could never afford the true cost of such a life changing trip. That’s why they rely on the generous support of their amazing donors to help subsidise every single child’s week-long stay by at least £350.  There are lots of ways you can support the children who visit them and they would love to talk with you about how you and your family, friends and colleagues can help fundraise through local events, corporate volunteering days, charity-of-the-year schemes, bake sales, sponsored challenges, and regular or one off donations. 

Find Farms for City Children on social, get in touch with , visit or call 01392 276678 to find out more.

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