Dementia Action Across Exeter; How Can You Get Involved?

Dementia Action Across Exeter; How Can You Get Involved?

Dementia Action across Exeter will commence on 20th May 2019 as Dementia Action Week begins.

Across the UK, communities will be coming together to raise awareness and take action for dementia.

With over 850,000 people living with a dementia diagnosis in the country and no cure yet, it is vital we continue to consider how as a society we can collaborate and make a difference for those living with the condition and their families. 

The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) are a social action movement in the city and have over 70 organisations who have pledged to make a difference through their individualised action plans. Whilst the alliance does not provide a direct service, they inspire and guide businesses with their action plans, as well as create and coordinate projects and events with their members. In turn, this helps educate the community which upholds their vision of working towards a Dementia Friendly city. Their work cannot be underestimated.

Gina Awad, Lead of EDAA says:

“Next week we will be involved in a number of events. We are looking forward to collaborating with Bluebird Care, Exeter and East Devon who are award winning in their commitment to providing the highest quality home care so their customers can remain in their own homes. They have kindly invited us to an informal Q &A session with their clients and families. Barrie and Sara Carless will be attending with me and when available are always keen to support our work as key board members of the alliance. They live daily with dementia, and are the experts by experience, always keen to share with others, which often generates heartfelt conversations which really do make a difference.

“We will be attending Exwick Heights Primary school on Friday 24th May to provide awareness of dementia with the Year 5s, which will include reading and poetry, and giving the children the opportunity to ask questions in an informal assembly.

“Friday afternoon sees local care home, Cadogan Court, part of the RMBI Care Co. host a play with the theatre company Substance & Shadow. I was fortunate to connect with Rosie and Midge of Substance and Shadow in Exeter who reached out to me at the early stages of creating their play, it was refreshing to be able to share ideas with them which they openly received and, where possible, were keen to integrate.  Return to Sender centres around a light-hearted love story which takes the audiences on a carefree trip down memory lane.

“With the aid of a time travelling radio, join Melvyn and Shirley as they traverse the decades in their search for true love. Return to Sender is a multi-sensory experience incorporating theatre, music and communal memories to engage and entertain.

“Cadogan Court have collaborated with us and this has enabled us to invite a number of our care home members to bring along their residents to enjoy the performance, in the comfort of their lounge. We wanted to bring the outside world in, and it is not that often care homes come together, we thought it would be a lovely idea for them”. 

Gina continues by saying

“We value all of our members and avid supporters across the city and beyond who are behind our mission and make the alliance what it has become today, we thank you all.”

Dementia Action is all year round, not just for a week, so do get in touch with your local Dementia Action Alliance; there are now over 350 all over the country.

To learn more about Dementia Action across Exeter through the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, visit the website or email

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