CHICKS Join Nationwide Fundraising Effort

CHICKS Join Nationwide Fundraising Effort

South West-based children’s charity CHICKS is calling on supporters across the Devon and Cornwall to support a unique fundraising opportunity that for one week only will see every pound donated to the charity doubled.

CHICKS is joining The Big Give and The Childhood Trust in a nationwide fundraising effort called Champions for Children, which will see all donations made to CHICKS via The Big Give’s website doubled up to the value of £4,000 from midday on 23 June until midday on 30 June.

The money raised will give children from London who’ve been confined to their homes as a result of the coronavirus, with little or no access to outdoor space, a week to breathe freely on a CHICKS break in the beautiful countryside, as soon as it’s safe.

CHICKS Fundraising Manager Megan Swan explained:

“Millions of children across the country are facing worsening challenges at home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, with children from London thought to have seen the biggest rise in feelings of loneliness and strain among their families.

“We are calling on the people of the South West, many of whom will have found sanctuary in the countryside over the last few months, to help give children from London the opportunity to experience the pleasures of beaches, farms, wild woodlands and rivers as soon as it’s safe for them to do so.”

CHICKS Champion Children

The charity is launching a social media campaign next week inviting people to donate as little as £2 each to the campaign. 

Megan added:

“If 2,000 people across the South West can donate as little as £2 to this effort, we’ll make our £4,000 fundraising target and turn that into a huge £8,000 to give children from London the chance for a break.”

When a child from Hackney in London, who’s previously been on a CHICKS break, was asked about how she felt last week she replied:

“CHICKS was the best experience ever of my life… can I go again once the virus goes? Maybe the virus could have a holiday?!”

You can join the charity’s campaign by visiting and following the link to make a donation on The Big Give’s website, or by coming up with your own fundraising challenge and paying the funds you raise into the same Big Give site between Tuesday 23 and Tuesday 30 June.

Megan added:

“Think you can raise 10 doing a 10 minute garden yoga session, or 100 doing a 24 hour garden camp out? Whatever your plans, we urge you to please do so and pay in your funds to The Big Give website between 23 – 30 June so your donation goes twice as far, and makes twice the difference.”

You can find the page needed to make your donation by following the simple instructions at or on CHICKS Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram pages.

Megan finished:

“Please support if you can, and give children who need an escape more than ever the chance for a break at CHICKS, as soon as it’s safe. Thank you.”

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