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Virtual Business Festival Launched As A Premier Event That Will Highlight ‘The Future Of UK Business’

Virtual Business Festival Launched As A Premier Event That Will Highlight ‘The Future Of UK Business’

As the UK re-awakens and we all look forward to going forward into new ways of doing business, the team at Collaborate South West have created something that can do just that.

Recent events have emphatically shifted the landscape for businesses. New, blended ways of working have emerged which open remarkable opportunities to thrive into the future.

On the 10th of June, the first Festival of Collaboration will take place and bring together sectors and regions across the UK, rallying behind the ethos of connections, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Annabel McCabe, Operations Director at Collaborate South West commented:

“This is an event with a difference. We’ve had a wealth of experience running one of the biggest exhibitions in the UK, but this ‘new world’ has provided opportunity for exciting new directions with what events can actually mean.”

The Festival is for industry leaders, thought leaders and forward-thinking business owners looking to create new blueprints and collaborative frameworks for the future.

Designed to be as interactive and immersive as possible, it is built around conversations and engagement. Instead of speakers, there are interactive forum discussions. Instead of stands, there are virtual sofas. Instead of a flat timetable, there are multiple opportunities to engage.

Within the festival are three ‘zones’ each with their own drivers – Innovation, Co-creation and Acceleration- and each zone will have three forums, drawing expertise from different sectors. A host will run each forum, start the conversation and offer steering to ensure everyone gets the best out of the experts in the room.

There will be business owners on virtual sofas, for in-depth 1-1s as well as an opportunity to connect with other attendees. In addition there will be challenge tables, knowledge zones and wellness breaks, to give attendees a range of engagement opportunities.

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Many Swift said:

“Collaborate South West was born out of a need for more authentic conversations and the festival is going to take this to another level – we are so grateful for our collaborative partners who are supporting the event and helping the idea come to life.”

This premier event is to be held virtually, but the team have prepared an experience that is fully interactive, aiming to be the first leap forward for a series of events that blend virtual and physical.

Powered by partnerships with innovative and forward-thinking South West businesses, including Jurassic Fibre and Vision ICT, the event has attracted a wide range of industries, all excited to connect and inspire.

Tickets are available now from £12+VAT, along with a range of other options to get involved.
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