The Unconscious Mind Coach

The Unconscious Mind Coach

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

-Mohammad Ali


It is often cited, in the field of sport, that the greatest performers are born with an above average mindset. This is not the case, they have learnt and developed how to BE this way – and you can too.

Tyrone Crowley, a Master NLP Coach and Hypnotist, has developed his own mindset training program, taken from the field of neuroscience and advanced psychology.


Tyrone Crowley

Tyrone Crowley, UMC (Unconscious Mind Coach)


Two talented young people he has been coaching are reaping the rewards from Tyrone’s Mindset coaching alongside their sports performance training.

Jack Silk (what a great name for a champion boxer) came to Tyrone, talented but lacking in self-belief, unable to claim the title of ‘the best boxer in Exmouth’. Now Jack can say with total conviction that not only does he believe it, he IS one of the best Amateur boxers in his weight category in the country. This week, Jack has been invited to an England selection camp by the Head Coach of Team GB.

Ryan Pope, was a one of the best local amateur golfers, and he wanted to take his performance to the next level. Tyrone helped Ryan shift his outcome related approach, which in turn allowed him to be more present. His skills and techniques were able to flow unencumbered by his thinking, thus performing far more consistently. Winning the Devon Alliance order of merit, 2nd in PGA OOM and just last week being part of a 3-man team to reach national finals all in his rookie season. A testament to the effort he has put in both on and off the course.

When you are ready to take your game to the next level please apply for an initial consultation with Tyrone by emailing

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